It has been a great summer!!! Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 13th 2015

Last night, we took the young ones bowling. They had so much fun. They really took advantage of the snack bar that was there. It was a good night. The older ones who stayed behind had a campfire. Each cabin was given a prop; they had to create a commercial for this prop, but it couldn’t be used for its original function. From what I heard, the outcome was hilarious (and very creative).

Today, we embark on our last day of regular activities! There’s going to be a camp-wide swimming competition at the first free swim.

Tonight, the older kids will go bowling; the younger will stay back for a campfire.

Tomorrow, we will do Team Competitions. The camp will be separated into eight teams. We’ll do “Write It, Don’t Say It” on the Rec Hall Porch. All of the kids will sit in a line. The camper in back will be given a word, and s/he’ll have to spell it on the back that is in front of him/her. The first team to get it to the front (correctly) will win.

At the Gym Mats, we’ll do CTT Stand Up and Human Letters. CTT Stand Up is where two people sit down back-to-back and link arms. They have to use each other to stand up. We eventually will do it with larger groups. Human Letters is a game in which each team is given a word (based on the number of people on their team); they have to spell out the word using their bodies. The team that spells it the fastest, or most accurate, will win.

At the Lower Fields, they’ll do a Water Balloon Towel Toss with Trivia. The campers will be in groups of four. There will be one towel between two players. The first group with a towel will launch the water balloon, and the other two will have to run and catch the balloon with their towel. The team with the most unharmed, caught balloons will win.

Finally, at the pool, they will have competitions for the fanciest dive, best belly flop, biggest splash, and smallest splash.

After the competitions are done, we will have a pool party until lunch. When lunch is over, we’ll all begin packing.

It’s been a wonderful season here at Camp Tall Timbers. The kids have been lovely, and the friendships and bonds they’ve made will not fade anytime soon. They have developed so many skills, and they have all come out of their shell a little more.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed my blogs. Being here at camp this summer has been a wonderful experience, unrivaled by any other that I’ve had. I study Elementary Education; so working with these kiddos was right up my alley. I’ll go into my senior year of college with much more knowledge than I had at the end of the school year. I’ve made friends that I know I’ll keep in touch with all my life. That’s what camp does. It teaches you so much more than the activities you sign up for; it teaches you problem-solving skills, how to work with others, among many other life skills. I know that the other counselors and campers got as much out of camp as I did. It’s been a privilege to work with your children. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Thanks Brynn Lamb for all your work with the blog this summer, it was great and a great addition to camp!!  Glenn Smith, Owner/Director Camp Tall Timbers!!

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  1. Clare Riley
    Clare Riley says:

    Brynn, this was so lovely to read for so many reasons, you summed up what Camp Life is all about so well. Its not just the activities you sign up for ….its so much more! Maybe we will see you again at CTT!
    Clare Riley

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