Great opening

Monday, July 13th 2015


Hi guys! Yesterday, we began Second Session! Eager campers arrived safe and sound. They found out their cabin and tent assignments, and the kiddos settled in. Old friendships were reunited, and new friendships began to form. After lunch, the campers were able to choose their schedules for the session. John Barnes decided that a boys’ dance class would be a ton of fun, and he convinced eleven others to join in. I’m proud to announce that for the first time, there is an all boys dance class!  (I’ll be teaching that, so say a prayer for me).


Last night, we had our first campfire for Second Session! We made up skits within our own cabins. The objective of the skits was to introduce everyone. The youngest cabin of boys formed an airplane out of their bodies. They “crashed” on a desert island and introduced themselves and said something they wished they had brought with them. Another cabin acted as a tribe who was doing a fire dance that contained each of their names. That was really cool.


After skits, we sang three campfire songs: “Country Roads”, “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, and “Wagon Wheel”. They announced that the best skit was the fire dance. That cabin was able to make s’mores first. After s’mores, they played music for us and we danced around for a bit. Then we all headed back up to the cabins to get ready for bed.


Overall, it was a really solid first day! This morning, the campers are embarking on their very first day of activities! They’re so excited to try new activities. I’ll let you know tomorrow how everything goes!