Great Days!!

Friday, July 17th 2015


We had our first field trips of the session yesterday! The older campers set off on a rafting expedition. They rafted and paddled down the Shenandoah River. I was able to speak with the Tent Girls this morning about how their trip went yesterday. They shared with me that one of their camp stories is now a legend at Harbor’s Ferry! Hayley Sanders described the trip as “invigorating”. Sydney and Catherine said that they learned everything they needed to know about rafting, and the instructor was very knowledgeable.


After rafting, they went to Golden Corral. Those kids ate so much food. They were so, so full when they got back. I don’t know how they were able to still run around!


I went with the younger campers to Cacapon State Park! There, we did some swimming in the lake! Ella P and Ella S made a wonderful sandcastle with a working mote. They made lots of rooms for various campers and counselors. Ella S worked on her cartwheel all day, trying so hard to point her toes! Toward the end of the day (and after an estimated 50 cartwheels), she was successful. She was so proud of herself!


Here at camp, we play a freeze game. When a counselor (or admin) says, “freeze”, the campers have to stop what they’re doing and stay in the position they are in until they are unfrozen. Yesterday, (Junior Counselor) Sydney was such a good sport. She told the kids that since we weren’t at camp, they could freeze her all day. Charlotte really took advantage of that opportunity. It was really funny.


After we were all tired out from swimming and playing, Glenn and Jodi cooked up some hamburgers and hot dogs for us. We ate in the pavilion, and then went to the playground. There, we played on the swings, jungle gyms, and merry-go-round. We also played an extremely intense game of duck-duck-goose. Some of the boys played ultimate Frisbee, and others played football. It was such a fun day.


This morning, the kiddos have clinics. They were able to choose which two (out of five) clinics they want to attend. Their choices were horses, tennis, swimming, art, and martial arts. We have someone coming in specifically to teach the martial arts clinic today. The campers are excited to learn about these activities even more deeply than what they cover in class! I’ll let you know tomorrow how everything goes!