Good times with good friends

Last night marked the first outside camp trip of the session, with the younger campers going to Trout Pond and their older counterparts going on a white water rafting adventure. I was lucky enough to accompany the group to Trout Pond, where everyone had a great time.

The first highlight from the trip requires me to correct an error in yesterday’s post. I incorrectly referred to the largest potato chip as the loomster, but I have now learned that title is reserved for only the largest fry. The chip with the most mass is known as the ‘choomster.’ Sorry for any confusion, but I’m still catching onto all the fun quirks and inside jokes here at CTT.

Regardless, there was a good-sized choomster found, flaunted and later consumed by Kevin Shefferman of cabin one. At this juncture, the boy’s side leads the loomster/choomster race 2-0. Also worthy of accolades is Alex Goldstein, who ate an incredible six hotdogs at dinner.

Elsewhere among the chicken-fights and water-wrestling mayhem was a counselor- burying contest. Counselors Chris Brown and Spanky were buried up to their necks in the white sand and the campers sculpted the counselor’s coverings into designs. Campers turned CB into a formidable sand mermaid, but were bested by the folks who turned Spanky into a trident/cactus. It was a tight contest, but counselor judges Rachel and Aram unanimously decided in favor of the trident/cactus hybrid.

Before the big trip, there were some notable happenings around campus. The boys in the Buffalo Village (boy’s cabin one) have had a vendetta against certain female counselors and older campers. In the past few days they have captured Squirelly Girl/ Hannah Sherman’s sandals by defeating the CIT girls in both dodge ball and ga-ga ball. They now hang proudly by a string on the BV plaque on the front porch of cabin one. They have also managed to make Medusa (also known as counselor Rachel) clean their meal table twice.

Perhaps the most astonishing of the BV’s feats so far is the successful capture of two girls in three days at meals. This warranted a “girl on boy’s side” chant by the entire side and admiration from their counterparts.

There has also been a fair number of animals captured, named and released over the last few days. At arts & crafts, Olivia found a frog. The class promptly named it Ralph Liggy IV. After the formal naming, Liggy was released and will hopefully live a long and happy life in the area around the art shack.

Down by the lake, the Dennison sisters are finding success as anglers. Reece caught her first fish yesterday, which her sister Casey promptly named Bob. Not more than a few minutes later, Casey caught her first fish. Reece quickly named him Billy.

As if catching fish weren’t enough, Taylor and Reece also rescued a stray paddle- boat from a kayak. All in all, it was a big day at the lake.

In the morning, the boy’s league competitions dominated most of the athletic facilities. The Twixie Cups overcame G-Force 8-5 in softball, while the Lacksplash Savages smacked the Fighting Trowjans 4-0 in dodgeball. As we speak, league play rages on as the Savages and the Cups face-off in soccer and basketball whilst the Trowjans and G-Force compete in hockey and ultimate Frisbee. Result and details will start to trickle in soon…

As another days dawns at CTT so does a new baseball league and all of the fun and excitement that accompanies a good game of America’s past time. The first day of competitive play will see Adam Gersh’s Blue Jays and my own Red Sox take to the diamond. Waiting in the wings will be Twix’s Yankees and Bill’s Wildcats, who are equally ready to turn double plays and smack multiple base hits. It should be a highly competitive, highly skilled and very fun league to be a part of, so please wish all competitors (mostly the Red Sox) luck as we begin the season.

Following an evening of good times and better friends at Trout Pond, I cannot wait to get out there amongst the campers and counselors and have yet another amazing day at CTT. Whether it be on field trips, baseball diamonds or at the lake, every day at CTT is a special one and it is my pleasure to be able to bring you closer into the family.

I’ll be back on Sunday with some more, and hopefully news of the Red Sox successful victory over the Jays…