Good Thursday

Thursday, August 6th 2015


Hi there! Yesterday, a lot of kids made it into announcements for accomplishments they made! In archery, Livia shot a bullseye, and she also won a game of knockout. Hannah M won a game of jail in tennis. In softball, Ellie learned how to scoop up grounders and hit the ball for the first time!


For evening activity last night, we did Cabin Activity Night! Each cabin got to decide what they wanted to do. One cabin had a pool party; another cabin went tubing on the lake, while a few just relaxed with a movie.


Every morning at the wakeup bell, people meet at the pool to do dippies (a quick lap before breakfast). It wakes them up for the day. Bill, the head chef, made a deal with the camp that if at least 30 people showed up that he would do a dippy. Today, 32 people showed up for dippies! So tomorrow, Bill and the entire kitchen staff will do dippies with us.


This morning, Hannah M went for a mile run with Colleen (one of the Girls’ Tents counselors who runs every morning)! The kiddos are at Girl Power Hour and Boys’ Leagues now. Later on today, the older campers will go rafting, while the younger ones go to Cacapon State Park!