Gold Rush

Tuesday, August 4th 2015


Hi guys! Yesterday, the campers embarked on their first full activity day! They had so much fun. A ton of kids made it to the top of the rock wall. Hannah M won two games of red light, green light during horses. A couple of kids got bullseyes in archery, and a few girls learned how to do stunts in cheerleading. Also, Ellie nailed her round off back handspring in gymnastics class!


For evening activity, we did Gold Rush! The entire camp was divided into teams, and they were given a list of clues. We set off in search of “gold” (yellow-painted rocks). At each location, there were various sizes of piles of gold. The group that got there first could grab the largest, and so on. After collecting gold, each team had to run back to the “bank” (pavilion) to have it weighed.


A couple of rare, blue rocks were hidden in certain piles of gold. These were “freeze gems”. If a team found one of them, they were able to freeze another team on the way to the bank and steal their gold! The campers were so into this activity; they were racing around camp like you wouldn’t believe.


Today, they are doing another round of new activities! Later on tonight, they will have Cheesy Skit Night! I’ll let you know how that goes!