Glory Days

What an exciting weekend at CTT!

The weekend started with Game Show night where cabins competed against each other in Family Feud, Jeopardy, Minute To Win It, and Deal Or No Deal. The campers worked hard together but in the end, Cabins G and H were the winners of the night with the most points and they won an ice cream party for rest hour today.

The fun continued into Saturday. The day began with a late wake-up and a sweet breakfast complete with Cinnabons and donuts. After the sweet breakfast, we had friendship-themed services where Vance Pallone read his own poem about his friends at CTT then Cabin 5 got up on stage singing their version of “Baby” by Justin Beiber, but it talked about their friends more than Justin Beiber’s love interests. We then had a whole-camp pool party before going to lunch.

While the pool party and services were fun, the real entertainment of the day came when the bell rang and the campers saw a full carnival at the lower fields. Some of the games include a hula-hooping contest which Spencer Leibow won by hula-hooping over fifty minutes, a softball hitting game where a softball is dropped from a pipe and you have to hit it (it is a lot harder than it sounds), a traditional knocking down cans game, and the always beloved dunk tank and moon bounce. When a camper won a game, they got a ticket to put in the raffle to compete for prizes. In addition to the raffle, there was a jar of 724 jellybeans that Scott Franklin won by guessing that there were 722. At dinner, we  had the big raffle drawing with big prizes like a game of ping-pong with camp director Glenn that Ethan Polk-Trauman won, seven free sodas which was won by Nora Siegle, an extra fifteen minutes to stay out at night which Cabin 2 won, a Pack Attack (it’s like a McFlurry but way better) which Adam Fiergang won, a super special surprise at Cabin Night that Matt Kasoff won, and a pizza party for his cabin which Jake Gutman proudly won. Needless to say, the Camp Tall Timbers Carnival was one of the best ways to spend a Saturday, but that was not all.

After dinner, CTT boarded buses and went to see the Winchester Royals take on the Front Royal Cardinals. I do not know what has changed with the Winchester Royals as in my eight years, they have won a game maybe once, but just like last session, the Royals were victorious and beat the Cardinals 11-6. Maybe it was the help of Camp Tall Timbers cheering for them, but that victory allowed the Royals to clinch the second seed in the playoffs.

Today is also slated to be a great day. The Camp Tall Timbers Flag Football League (CTTFFL) begins today! In addition to the CTTFFL, Camp Tall Timbers greets nineteen new campers for our Wet Your Feet Week and we are all very excited for their arrival. With the weather cooler, today will surely be another fun day at CTT.