Glory Days

It felt like only yesterday I moved into Cabin 2 and prepared for 3rd session. Now, what feels like just a few days later, it is all over. The campers have surprised me this session for sure. Everyday this session somebody got a home run, a bullseye, or accomplished something they never would have at home, like tube without falling off, or win “it” which I’m sure your kids will explain to you when they arrive home.

Yesterday alone, Meier Parr won a game of king of the court and jail, Noah Gross bowled a 138 at bowling (the best score of any camper…and some counselors…including me). Cabin F survived a bee apocalypse in Challenge Course. I recently discovered that many of the scenarios in Challenge Course are fictional. Ashley Stern and Sofia Gonzalez-Kosasky won games of team jail. Additionally, the juniors had a very successful night bowling where everyone’s score in their second game was higher than that of their first.

But, alas, as much fun as these two weeks have been, it has to come to an end. Each session seems to have a few moments that stick out. Cabin 2 dazzled the camp with a well-choreographed dance to “The Show Goes On” only to be robbed (I’m still a little bit bitter) by an even better dance by Girls Tents. Teddy Geis flaunted his comedic talents at the talent show. Stevie Nocket and Catherine Ni Dhroighneain tried to coach Boys’ League teams. Jake Welfeld did a backflip at the first campfire. And despite numerous people telling me it would never happen, my brother returned to counseloring to become my co-counselor.

Even the day-to-day aspects of camp have been memorable. Everyone who tried, climbed the climbing wall, tubed, or shot a gun. As I write, campers are zip-lining right now for the first time, mastering their putting skills, and canoeing faster than ever before. I especially enjoyed how many kids improved their fishing skills from class to class. For as long as I have been here, I have never seen a group of kids adapt so well to Camp Tall Timbers. A special thanks to CIT2 extraordinaires Simon and Nathaniel Schwartz for being the best counselors-in-training ever in all my years at CTT.

So with my last bit of space, I want to thank all of you at home for reading. I hope the blog has kept you updated on your incredible kids and amused you from time to time. 3rd Session 2011 has been a blast and I’m very excited for these kids to keep coming back and maybe attend 1st or 2nd Session. This blog has given me an excuse to eavesdrop, ask questions, get to know your incredibly awesome, hilarious, and witty kids better, and really remind me about how much I love this place. These past two weeks have been magical and I am very grateful to have had an audience (so to speak) for my first year of counseloring. I am sure that your kids will come home with significantly more stories than I have been able to give you and for that, I apologize, but with so much fun here, it is hard to report it all. In conclusion, thank you for reading and commenting, and I hope I have served you well.


Zach Fang

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  1. Anna Moser
    Anna Moser says:

    I wish I would have known about this site while I was missing my (Schwartz) boys! Obviously, and according to them, everyone had a grand time! Thanks, Tall Timbers, for another fun and memorable summer!!!

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