Gladiator Attack!!!

It seems like every time we try to hold a nice service on a Saturday, it gets broken up by something rude. First session saw pirates and college kids and just when we thought we were going to make it through Saturday’s love themed service, it was interrupted- this time by gladiators.

Colossus (Kyle) and Blarfengarf (Ethan) came around either side of the rec hall porch and proceeded to get into a sword fight right in front of everyone. When Blarfengarf knocked away Colossus’ sword, all eyes turned to Emperor Insano, who was waiting on the gym porch. He gave the thumbs up, which allowed Colossus to join a host of other gladiators and help announce that Saturday was Gladiator Day!

The campers were broken up into four teams; the Mean Green Fighting Machine led by Ethan Ebinger and Jamie Alloy, Alex Fang and Maria’s Super Magenta Awesome People (SMAP), the red Blood Thirsty Warriors who followed A.J. and Julia and Great Gray, who were led by Evan Cook and Georgia Oriol. The teams participated in a four-event rotation that pitted them against several intense gladiators.

Battleball, a football-type game, saw Marley Smith use blazing speed and Brendan Arnold use sheer power to score on gladiators. At the pool, Brett Richardson used brains to get the ball into the net at Aquatic Thunder and at The Gauntlet, SMAP shot through the obstacles and counselor Tim couldn’t hit a single one with a water balloon.

It was a highly competitive day and the scores were almost dead even when it came time for teams to take on The Eliminator, a giant obstacle relay that covered the whole camp. Everyone on every team was involved and it was neck and neck right up until the final leg. The green team was able to edge out gray for the win in The Eliminator and when the final scores for the day were tallied, the Mean Green Fighting Machine had won Gladiator Day!

It was a hard fought day and everyone had a nice, relaxed time at the social when it was over. Socials are always great for bringing the whole camp together for a fun night of dancing and laughing. Today, we are all preparing skits for Jive Through The Genres, which is always great and this year, for some reason, every skit night has been better than the last. The bar is set unbelievably high right now, and I’m sure it will just bump up even more tonight!

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  1. lynnalloy
    lynnalloy says:

    Congrats Jamie and your co-leader Ethan on leading the Mean Green Fighting Machine! Love you Jamie! Hi to all the Alloy kids and Tysons Corner Gang! Love,

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