Ghosts Fly In

Don’t you just hate when a normal skit night ends with a hoard of ghosts flying in and dragging you to the lake for judgment?

It happens every year at CTT. It is known as Ghost Court and it is the one night a year the counselors (mostly) get to choose a fitting punishment for the campers’ quirks. And this year’s judgments and sentences were simply awesome.

The most noticeable punishment so far is the one handed out to Cabin Three. Jakeabel, Ziggy, Matt Kasoff, Sam Audia and the like are so positive they are good at everything that this morning they had to wake up and go to the art shack to make signs detailing their flaws. Now the whole camp knows about Bobby Jaffe not being musical and Sam Blum’s inability to dance. It’s just priceless.

This year, the girls of Cabin HuG love to make bracelets. And they look nice. I’m not 100% sure, but their counselors may have had something to do with their sentencing to make bracelets for all of their counselors. Hmm…

Some kids have to make public declarations, such as Cory Nigrin. Cory loves his iPad. He allegedly spends most of the day on it- while at camp. So by order of Judge Mookie, he must make a list of 10 reasons why camp is better than the iPad and read it at lunch.

The boys in the Buffalo Village don’t like to observe rest hour. They prefer to call it Wrestle Hour and, as you’ve probably guessed, wrestle for the duration. This morning, thanks to the honorable Mook, they had to each come up with a reason why resting is good and read it in a professional wrestling voice.

Sydney Sachs and Aaron Forest are very loving people, but when it is stifling hot outside hugs aren’t really all that desirable. For their propensity to hug long and often, they are forbidden to touch anyone the rest of the day. It will be neat to see how that one plays out…

The day after Ghost Court is great. You see Max Penn walking around in a mountain boarding butt pad, Olivia Seltzer and David Morrel performing poetry, kids dressed up like GameBoys and hear Jacob Langer talking like a pirate.

On second thought, I kind of like it when a skit night is interrupted by ghosts that whisk us away for hilarious convictions…