Ghostly Happenings

Last night the campers and counselors of CTT herded into the rec hall to take in the camp play Happily Never After, which was directed by Aram and starred Rachel Beiser, Collin and many other talented young thespians that roam around camp.

After the play, there was an improv show that featured 23 of our favorite funny people, including Jakeable, Miller, Theresa Brecker and many others. The whole camp laughed at the troupe’s antics, when they finished everyone was ready to head off to bed and get a good night’s sleep. But since we are here at camp and every plan is prone to quick and immediate changes, the camper’s anticipated sleeping had to be put off because dozens of white sheet clad ghosts came flying into the room and herded everyone up the hill. It was time for GHOST COURT!

Judge Bean presided over the hearings and almost every kid at CTT was handed down a judgment. One of the first groups to get hit were the boys from the Buffalo Village.

The BV guys have had a few problems with each other so far this session. There hasn’t been anything serious but there is definitely a lot of bickering back and forth. Judge Bean decided to do something about it. For all of their fighting, they now have to gather as a group outside of the mess hall before meals, gather in a group hug and sing the ‘Friends’ song. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing that today at lunch.

It is widely talked about among the counselors at CTT that counselors Susan and Breanna got very luck with their cabin assignment. Cabin B is seemingly the perfect cabin. The only challenge with the cabin is learning to tell the Dennison triplets apart (a task that I sometimes struggle with). Well today, that task just got a lot tougher.

Athena Lewis is another great kid who resides in cabin B. She spends a lot of time with the Dennisons, so today she became one. She has been sentenced to dress like the Dennison trio and act like them all day. So cabin B really got hammered – a great kid has to act like three other great kids.

But the action doesn’t stop there for cabin B. In what should be one of the more interesting punishments to watch, the tent boys were convicted of trying too hard with the ladies. Because of their constant swooning, they now have to ask a girl from cabin A or B to a lunch date and act like perfect gentlemen. I can’t wait to see Enrique the Super Spaniard on a date with little Sydney Sachs…

There were many more judgments passed out, but I don’t have time to write about them all. Ask your kids if they were singled out by the Ghost Court and Judge Bean. It’s all in good fun, and I’ll bet their punishment was fun to carry out. GC is something all the campers and counselors look forward to, and last night’s didn’t disappoint.

It is one of the big things that happen towards the end of every session, but not the biggest. You all know what it is and I can tell you that the generals have been picked, the teams have been made and the activities are planned. All we have to do is get lucky enough to avoid the rain, and we will be in business…

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  1. CRT3
    CRT3 says:

    Now this extra Dennison kid is a one day thing, right??? I suspect I only will see 3 little happy faces on Saturday and not 4. Excellent blogs. Just love to read them to see what my girls are up to and they seem to have captured the true essence of camp. Thank You for all that you guys do!!!

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