Ghost Court!

The judge has spoken. Last night campers were tried at the Camp Tall Timbers Ghost Court where counselors gave Judge Flip Flop crimes that they have committed against CTT and revealed to them their punishments. Cabin H was tried first for their obsession with Cody Simpson and their punishment is to read ten reasons why CTT is better than Cody Simpson. Next were Jacob Langer, Theodore Kling, and Noah Schweitzer who loved rap music too much so they must do a choreographed dance to Wicked’s “Defying Gravity” at lunch today.  Sam Audia, Sam Blum, Jesse Alloy, Jakeabel, and Matt Kasoff were the next ones in court for their constant playing of Pokémon and their punishment was to dress up as a Pokémon character and list ten reasons that camp is better than Pokémon. Going back to the girls, Jessica Hymer, Nicola Lee-Oesterreich, Ashlyn Morrisroe, and Catherine Ni Dhroighneain were ghost courted for being too sassy so now they must walk around camp today like polite country girls with pigtails, a country accent, and with no sass.  Cabin B was next and they were tried for always wanting others to fill their water bottles. Their punishment was that they must go around to every table at dinner and fill cups of water for anyone who wants some. The full cabin punishments continued with Cabin 5 who is known for being too loud so their punishment is to dress up as mimes and whisper all day. Girls Tents (a group with several international campers) was tried for never speaking English causing the punishment of writing poems in English about why they like it (except for fluent English speaker Ashlyn Morrisroe who must write about why she likes Spanish and French, in Spanish and French).

After whole cabin punishments, Max Penn went alone to Ghost Court for procrastinating at bedtime so now he must shower during rest hour, both free swims, and before bed before he does anything us. A punishment for brothers is rare at Ghost Court but the Balaban brothers were next to be punished for spending too much time in Cabin 4. They must now list ten reasons at lunch why Cabin 4 is the best. Jacob Blitz and Ethan Weinstein were tried for always asking counselors to run lines with them for the upcoming musical so now they must speak in Shakespearean English for the day. The last single punishment went to Matthew Ziegelstein who for the umpteenth time was tried for never wearing any clothes. His punishment was that he had to be dressed up by his counselors who gave him a bedsheet, Indiana Jones replica hat, coconut bra, and some leaves that he must now wear all day.

Today, the CTTFFL had its Super Bowl with the Jerry Smith trophy being awarded to the Purple Nurples thanks to two touchdowns by Jacob Langer and the winning field goal by Theodore Kling. Ethan Harrison and Zach LaPorte caught fish. But perhaps most importantly, the musical is tonight! Many campers have been working hard running lines and dancing during their free time to prepare for tonight and I’m sure that it will be a show we do not want to miss. During the intermission of the play, we have our Art Show so the talent of CTT’s artists can be displayed. Let the curtains go up!