Get a Clue…

I’m beginning to think that some of the campers at CTT should form a private investigating business.

It dawned on me last night during Clue night that all we need is a giant dog that can talk and we have the stuff cartoons are made of. The camp was split into three groups and assigned a rotation to determine when we could interview different witnesses and suspects. At each station the groups got a clue as to either the identity of the killer, the location of the murder or the weapon used. There were also additional clues hidden all around the stations.

Using the information earned from Professor Plum (Albert), Mrs. Peacock (Megan), Mrs. White (Karina), Mr. Green (Ollie) and Col. Mustard (Jason), the teams had to piece together the events of the evening and solve the mystery (all except for Rachael Cooper’s group, who benefitted when she found a special tell-all card ten minutes into their first station). The teams also had to complete certain challenges to earn the clues, for example a team member had to make five shots on the pool table to get the clue and the whole team had to make a ten-person pyramid.

After all of the interviewing and completing challenges for clues the teams had to put together a story which explained the events of the night and the motive for the murder. Every team figured out that Mrs. Peacock did in Mr. Body with the candlestick in the art shack, but Tim’s team was able to make the most compelling story and win the night.

But because of the fact that every team figured out the story and because these kids always dominate murder mystery night and are able to find a counselor’s food even if it is wrapped in three jackets, a raincoat and a spare blanket buried seven feet underground, I believe that forming a CTT detective agency would be a smart move.

These campers have proven time after time that they can find the most difficultly hidden clues and solve the toughest mysteries, so why not? If nothing else, it would make for a lot more interesting rainy day activities…