Game on!!

Thursday, July 23 2015

Hi guys! So Monday night was Murder Mystery! We told the kiddos that it was Atlantic City night; they were all ready to head up to the gym when BOOM! It was announces that Dyson (Glenn’s dog) had been murdered! (DUN DUN DUNNN!) The campers and counselors were then divided into groups and sent out to investigate.

They went to eight different stations that were set up around camp. At each spot, they had to complete a task in order to get clues about the murder! At the lake, Brynn and Megan (Cabin F counselors) were in a paddleboat, crying over the loss of their friends. They had fishing rods, and they told the campers that if someone found them a worm it might cheer them up. If they were cheered up, they felt able to talk about what they knew. Lynn (Girls’ Tents counselor) was sitting at the gym mats. The task there was to make her laugh (this is not an easy task). Ziggy (Cabin 5 counselor) gave clues through silent Pictionary in the art shack. On the rec hall porch was Miller and Sam (Cabin 5 counselors). They had the kiddos do various, random tasks… but the campers didn’t know that this was the no information station. They weren’t given any clues there.

Jenna (Cabin B counselor) and Reid (Cabin 4 counselor) were set up at the pool. There, the kids were instructed to dump water on themselves or others… whoever Jenna and Reid felt like picking on. Brooke (Cabin B counselor) and KG (Girls’ Tents counselor) were at the upper fields. Brooke is from Northern Ireland, and KG is from Scotland. They made their accents very thick, and they spoke way too fast. They were very hard to understand when they gave their clues. Cameron (Cabin 4 counselor) and Euan (Boys’ Tents counselor) were at the basketball courts. They had the campers do basketball-related tasks for clues. Lastly, Billy (Cabin 3 counselor) and Ben (Cabin 7 counselor) were at the climbing wall. Ben was the “good cop”; Billy played the “bad cop”. They were hard to get information out of because of their confusing behavior.

After the first few activities, it was announced that Trevor (Cabin 7 counselor) was murdered as well! They went to gather more clues about what happened to Dyson and Trevor. The campers were still trying to form connections between the two when they found out that Meghan (administration in charge of Girls’ Side) was killed! They returned to their activities, and they thought that the deaths were over. They were starting to finalize their theories when Kasoff (Cabin 5 counselor) was found to be dead.

After each group had been to every station, everyone gathered near the ping-pong tables and the pavilion to write their theories. When they had all been handed in and the theories were read, the true story was revealed…

Kasoff was angry with Meghan because he wanted her job. He decided that  he wanted to kill her to get her out of the way. On his way to do the job, he ran into Dyson and startled him. Dyson barked loudly and was drawing       attention, so Kasoff had to kill Dyson in order to get away. Glenn was very upset about his loyal dog’s death. He blamed Trevor, who Dyson never liked.  Glenn killed Trevor in attempt to avenge Dyson’s death. Kasoff went back to find Meghan and finish the job. Mark, who has always been very close with Meghan, was extremely upset with Kasoff. He retaliated and killed Kasoff.

The group whose theory was the closest to the actual story was Team 3! (Team 3 was made up of: Colleen, Andrew, Anna, Abby, Emily S, Hugh, Leonard, Henry, Braden, and Cody!

Cabin F and Boys’ Tents won the cabin cleanup competition this week! They were sent to Pack’s Ice Cream after lunch!

After a day of more activities Tuesday, we had a cook out at the pavilion! We then loaded up the bus with the younger kids (Cabin B, Cabin F, Cabin 3, Cabin 4 and Cabin 5) and took them to the bowling alley! The kids had such a blast bowling. The ones that stayed here at camp had a campfire. They played games too!

Yesterday (Wednesday), we went through our normal days of classes and activities. Every camper in climbing class made it to the top of the rock wall! In archery, there were balloons filled with flour that exploded in a puff of “smoke” when they were hit. Every kid in class hit at least one! Aidan and Ella P each hit four, and Aidan got two bull’s eyes!  In aerobics class, they went for a run and then did water aerobics! Lucie ran all the way up the lake hill! (If you’ve ever been here, you know that’s not an easy task).

After dinner, we loaded all of the campers in the buses and headed to a baseball game! We watched the Winchester Royals! The kids were each given money for the snack bar. They had a ton of fun just relaxing and watching the game!

This morning, they are doing their normal activities. This afternoon they will be doing another round of clinics!