Further On Up The Road

Who knew CTT would have so many future stars on Broadway?!

Last night’s musical, Everything Is Groovy, featured over twenty campers singing and dancing to a tribute to the American 1960s. The show starred Spencer Leibow as Travis, a young hippie that is putting on a Woodstock-esque festival entitled Music, Beads, and Flowers. Travis and his friends Muriel (Erin Smedley) and Alice (Hayley Sanders) work together to put on the festival and get the biggest rock stars in town, The Lemonbugs (Sydney Sachs, Jack Parr, and Ian Osterman) to perform. Trouble hits, however, when Mrs. Porter (Justin Leibow) and the local sheriff (Mike Springer) appear and try to shut down the festival. Despite these speed bumps, the show goes on and Music, Beads, and Flowers occurs and it is a humongous success for the hippies.

But, alas, as much fun as the past three (and for some, six) weeks have been, it ends in a few days. Like many of our campers, I too leave at the end of this session. Today, Camp Tall Timbers begins my favorite two days of every year, Color War, and I will not be writing as the White team needs my help to cheer us to victory. I want to take my last post to sincerely thank all of you for reading the blog throughout the past few weeks. It has truly been an honor to keep all of you updated and I am very thankful for the positive feedback you have given me (even though the website says Emma is the camp blogger and a lot of the feedback is complimenting the fact that every blog title is a song by rock ‘n’ roll messiah, Bruce Springsteen.) The blog has given me an excuse to eavesdrop, ask questions, get to know your incredibly awesome, hilarious, and witty kids better, and really remind me about how much I love this place. These past six weeks have been magical and I am very grateful to have had an audience (so to speak) for my first year of counseloring. I am teary as I type this so I just want to say thank you once again, I hope that you have enjoyed the blog (or have at least found it amusing), and I hope to communicate with you once again further on up the road.


Alex Fang

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  1. amy
    amy says:

    We dropped our daughter off at CTT today and were looking forward to reading this blog while she’s there. I hope someone will be taking it over for you! …If you want a camper’s perspective, I’m sure Sydney would be happy to blog for you while she’s there! 🙂

  2. Emma's mum
    Emma's mum says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs on life at CTT and am sure that you’ve enjoyed writing them – thank you!

    Looking forward to next year’s blogs already 😉

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