Fun Fun Fun In The Sun

We had our first trip yesterday as Camp Tall Timbers spent an afternoon and evening at Cacapon State Park. The day began as they always do, with campers going to their usual activities in the morning such as riflery, fishing, archery, and Boy’s League. After lunch and rest hour, we all boarded the buses and headed off to Cacapon lake.

At Cacapon, the campers and counselors spent the afternoon swimming in the water, making sand castles, or just chilling out and enjoying the nice day. The campers built a number of sand castles. Cabin A girls built a huge Chinese themed sand palace and Cabin G worked with some of the younger girls to build another large sand castle. Hunter Morrisroe and Jerome Williams both dug large holes big enough to sit in. Tristan Oldham found a baby turtle and most of the Cabin 1 and 2 boys spent a good part of the afternoon trying to convince their counselors to let them keep it as a cabin pet (they were unsuccessful). The boys of Cabins 34 and 56 spent a good portion of the day playing a water game they came up with called “Categories” and trying to tackle Flip Flop. Jake Welfeld received a special shout out from Flip Flop by successfully doing a backflip off of his shoulders. Tony Spangler and Josh McConnell spent much of the day looking for fish in the quieter shallows. Many of the other counselors and I spent a large portion of the day running away from campers who tried to drag us into the water in all our clothes. The kids were having so much fun that we decided to cancel the organized evening activity, a sand castle contest, and just let them play until we left at dusk. After a fun day in the sun, the counselors had little trouble getting most of their kids right to bed so they could get a good night’s rest before another busy day at CTT.