Friends Friends Friends

It’s Alumni Day and several former campers have come back for a visit. I don’t know if it was on purpose for our visitors, but the campers put on quite a show at lunch. First, Boys’ Side got up and sang You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ to Girls’ Side, then both sides did some cheers. Older Gersh (Jason) defeated younger Gersh (Adam) in Slow Fighting, Mike Hertlein had everyone sing the Yao Ming song to mark some kind of Yao Ming basketball anniversary that I don’t really understand. Boys’ side did Peanut Butter and Jelly Time.

Some announcements: Brady Osterman and Hunter Green overcame the Mountainboarding Obstacle Course. Casey Harvey, Caroline Harvey, and Reece Dennison finished their knitting projects and Reece held hers (a belt) up in front of the whole camp at lunch today for cheers. Philipp Stein caught his first fish. Two people won a coveted soda from counselor Kevin for defeating his climbing path: counselor Chris Brown and camper A.J. Roshfeld. Steven Miller got a bullseye and Ridge Green got a balloon in archery. Georgia Oriol is standing here beside me and wants everyone to know she climbed Lord Equinox awhile ago, in case I didn’t put it in the blog before.

Last night, we had Gladiator commercials before the Social. Each team had to do a commercial showing why their Gladiator was the best one. Ian Berry narrated the life story of the Lone Knitter, Dana Marx was the commentator on Moose (who broke loose at a moose show). Counselor Chris Brown, as the Dominator, dominated in such areas as creating world peace, making everyone 19 again, and solving poverty and hunger.

The Social started and, after I successfully scared my niece away with my uncool dancing, nurse Sarah and I walked down to the pool and created a synchronized swimming routine. We swam until it got dark and walked back up the hill as the Social was winding down. I sat on the grass after Sarah went inside and just listened to the music while the last bit of light faded, thinking about the socials we had when I was a counselor, and how the music is different but the whole vibe is the same. It’s the campers’ time to dress up a little bit, dance, sometimes with someone they ‘like’, and mingle. I have lots of fond memories of those nights, and it’s sort of strange and nice to sit on the grass quietly when you know that, up the hill, campers are having these nights that they will probably always remember.

Counselor Ryan Clifford is trying to get over 50 people to write I Heart RC on their hands. Joe Gillette, Georgia Oriol, Taylor Dennison, Merce Vilanova, Molly Shay, Jamie Alloy, and Theresa Brecker came to Knitties and revealed that they are all members. 32 people have joined so far.

I caught up with Renee Brodsky, who was a camper, met her husband here, and was also ‘camp mom’ back when I was a counselor. She and her friends created the Friends Friends Friends song, which has made a huge comeback recently. I got to talk to alumni (and camper moms) Lori Friedman and Jill Ginsburg too. They were saying how hard it is to express to people who’ve never been what camp really is. It’s like this long vacation but also this exceptional life experience that stays with you. I was saying that I wished I could put it better but I don’t know how!

Anyway, cabins are sleeping out tonight!

Later skaters….


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  1. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    ‘I was saying that I wished I could put it better but I don’t know how!’
    Hi Jodi
    Hopefully this will be the first in a line of comments all saying what a great job you’re doing. I’ve just been asked about Emma’s life at camp and my reply was to read your blogs to get a picture of the activities and the atmosphere. Just hope the family anfd friends of campers and staff enjoy these as much as we do – they’re better than a post card!
    Love to everyone x

  2. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blogs. They’re great. Keep up the good work.

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