Friday on my Mind

What a weekend here at CTT! There was the start of the CTTFFL, Cheesy Skit Night, Renaissance Day, and of course, all the other activities we have here.

In its seventh year, the CTTFFL is a staple of free swim activities. The season kicked off with the Red Bulls defeating the Purple Nurples 16-13 and the Orange Crush besting the Yellow Polka Dotted Hippopotami 21-7.

Aside from CTTFFL, Friday was another day of excitement here. Jake Greenberg and Luke Gehring won a game of knockout in archery. Jesse Alloy got a bullseye in riflery. Gabe Perman had a particularly good day winning a canoe race, catching a fish, and climbing to the top of the wall. Ignacio Rodriguez and Javier Alonso climbed to the top of the wall as well. Max Penn, after taking a brief blog hiatus, returns to this post with the stunning accomplishment of making a blindfolded half-court shot. Reece Dennison made a 3-point shot. Zach LaPorte shot an impressive +2 in Frisbee golf and despite his small stature, Ethan Harrison remarkably climbed up the hard side of the wall.

Friday night was also Cheesy Skit Night. Cabin H did their own version of the Red Carpet at the Oscars with Katherine Barnes as Taylor Swift, Sydney Alloy as Channing Tatum, and Hayley Sanders as Lady Gaga. Cabin 2 did a parody of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the campers received Golden Dysons and went to Albert’s Ice Cream Factory. Like the story, the boys disappeared one by one until Beck Mueller was the last one standing. Cabin 3 did a roast of members of their cabin and their counselor. For the first time in years, there was a tie for the winner of Cheesy Skit Night: Boys Tents and Girls Tents. Boys Tents told the story of counselor Albert, Jerry, and fruit loops with Miller Friedman as Jerry and Jake Abel as Albert, and Girls Tents did their own version of The Bachelorette with Jen Heiman as the Bachelorette and the rest of the tent girls mocking the Boys Tent group.

Saturday was Renaissance Day. Campers split into teams and instead of regular activities, went back in time to the Renaissance period and competed in themed activities. First, teams had to paint their own coat of arms and then play Capture the Painting. The teams also had to make a sculpture of their counselor leader. Then, they went to the upper fields for a competitive game of Quidditch (Hogwarts was probably around in the time of the Renaissance).

Today Boys Leagues continues with Toby’s undefeated Care Bears taking on Sam P’s Albuquerque Surge and Sam Friedman’s Fluorescent Caboose Traveling Mimes challenging Albert’s Leaders of the Way in hockey. The futsal tournament also concludes today. I can’t wait to see who wins!