Forging New Bonds

One of the best aspects of the CTT experience is the bonds you make with your cabin friends. Last night was cabin activity night which featured each cabin being assigned a different area of the camp to run an activity and  take the time to connect with each other. Cabin B had a pool party filled with music and a counselors vs. campers game of water polo. Cabin 4 went fishing and Bobby Jaffe, Sam Blum, and Max Penn caught a fish for the first time. The Cabin 4 boys then proceeded to have what they call “Somalian Pirate Fights” with their canoes leading to a great bonding experience. Cabin 78 had an intense game of hockey followed by an even more intense game of Risk (which is not yet finished) and Cabin G played football and had a “girls’ night”.

CTT leagues are already in full swing. Boys’ Leagues has begun with Sam’s Team: Delightful Facial Hair and Sean’s Team: Outrageous, tied for first with a record of 1-0 and Albuquerque’s Meowing Growlithe and Collin’s Team: Inception tied for second with a record of 0-1 (but everyone is a winner at Camp Tall Timbers). The Camp Tall Timbers Flag Football League (CTTFFL) ran its first games yesterday with the Purple Nurples and Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotammi tying at 7-7 and the Red Bulls defeating the Orange Crush 20-0.

Fishing is also becoming a very popular activity. Under the direction of counselor Zach Fang (no relation), Abbey Morrisroe, Jonah Jacobson, and Nicola Lee-Oesterreich caught a fish for the first time this session and Ethan Weinstein has already caught four fish. Away from the lake, campers have already become very successful at their other activities. Jesse Alloy, Mathilde Carello, and Jessica Hymer won games of knockout in archery. Jake Abel won a game of Frisbee Golf and Michael Balaban, who has never picked up a guitar before, learned to play his first song yesterday.

Today, Boys’ League continues with two hours of competitive play and most of the camp heads to Cacapon State Park for a fun day at the beach, sandcastle building, and a cookout while the older campers go white water rafting. Remember to check out the Camp Tall Timbers Facebook page to watch the brand new episodes of “Good Morning Tall Timbers”. Off to Cacapon!