Forging New Bonds

Some of the best aspects of the CTT experience are the bonds you make with your cabin friends. Last night was cabin activity night which featured each cabin being assigned a different area of the camp to run an activity and take the time to connect with each other. Cabin 3 had a golfing competition while Cabin 4 did their very own Cabin Activity Night NBA/NHL Draft to determine teams for what were spirited games of hockey and basketball. Cabin 2 went climbing before a World Cup tournament. Boys Tents flaunted their athleticism in a massive tourney of ultimate frisbee, soccer, and football. Cabin F went tubing and Cabin G had a pool party. Girls Tents and Cabin B had a movie night and Cabin H had a campfire. The night ended with candy and new bonds being forged.
After a full rotation of activities, it is obvious that we have some very talented campers with us. Leonard Pasquier and Carl Lasker won games of Frisbee golf while Adam Fiergang set a new camp record with -4. Josh Arnold and Rachael Cooper won the blindfolded leadership walk. Speaking of Carl Lasker and Josh Arnold, they, in addition to Jack Corby, won games of knockout in basketball. Grayson St. Aubin won sharks and minnows. Sydney Alloy climbed up the wall. Sydney Sachs learned “Yankee Doodle” on guitar. Ian Osterman, Paul Holtz, and Justin Lasker shot bullseyes. Ethan Harrison and Ian Osterman won games of jail. Brady Osterman demonstrated his riflery prowess by hitting a quarter 50 feet away and Katherine Barnes and Abby Hall won games of art bingo.
Today, Boys’ League continues with two hours of competitive play and most of the camp heads to Cacapon State Park for a fun day at the beach, sandcastle building, and a cookout (my favorite part of camp is when I get to grill) while the older campers go white water rafting. Remember to check out the Camp Tall Timbers Facebook page to watch the brand new episodes of “Good Morning Tall Timbers”. Off to Cacapon!