For Whom The Bell Tolls

Normally at CTT, we recognize the sound of a bell as notice that we need to wake-up, go to meals and switch activities. It is one of the constants in our lives that help can help us organize our schedule. Last night, at Carnival Night, the ringing bell meant something completely different.

At Carnival Night, the bell meant someone had just accomplished an incredible feat of strength. It meant that someone had just taken the giant rubber mallet (which was a little bit bigger than the girls of cabin B) and smashed the impact pad hard enough to send the, um, thingamajig high enough to hit the bell. A few of the senior campers such as Enrique, Tim and Javier were able to do it but a lot of the juniors struggled with it. That’s okay though, because despite numerous efforts admin Karina couldn’t make it happen either.

There were other activities at the carnival as well. There were juggling lessons, a dart game, face painting, a moon bounce and arm wrestling. All of the activities kept long lines until the end of the evening. But one line, arm wrestling, seemed to be incredibly grueling.

Conti and I were the counselors who wrestled the kids. When a kid won, we gave them a piece of candy. Well, after we met the likes of Noah Hayes, Casey Dennison, Stephanie and Olivia Seltzer all we had left was an empty box that could have been filled with what was left of our shattered confidence.

Before the carnival, there were some amazing things done elsewhere in camp. Conti announced at dinner that Sydney Sachs dunked a basketball without any help at all. This seemed a little suspicious, seeing as Sydney is seven years old and stands well under five feet tall. It was revealed later that the rim was only five feet off the ground, but regardless dunking the ball is still pretty cool. In the same period, J-Man saw his basketball fly over the wall during a game of Knockout. Instead of finding another ball, he took off and leapt over the wall headfirst in true Superman fashion.

Paul Holtz continued the pattern of gluttony at dinner last night when he successfully tackled a six-layer peanut butter sandwich.

And finally, in the vaunted tradition of the Choomster and the Loomster, CTT has new contest to determine who has the biggest of a certain object. Yesterday at dinner it was announced the Joel Cook is the first possessor of the Bruister, which is the biggest bruise in camp. No one is really sure how he got the massive bruise but it has earned him this distinct recognition and the envy of people who bruise easily. Despite the honor, we hope no one will be able to challenge him.

Today, the young campers will be heading out to Cacupon and the veterans will be going white water rafting. It should be a fun day for everyone will all of our best friends, and hopefully we will get into some good stuff so I can tell you about it tomorrow…