First full day

Tuesday, July 14th 2015Rainbow 2015


The campers had their first full day of activities yesterday! Five kids made it to the top of the climbing wall. Two campers got bulls eyes in archery. They learned marksmanship principles in riflery. In boys’ dance class, they learned pliés, pirouettes (passé), sautés (arabesque), and chassé into a leap.


For an evening activity, we did a Counselor Hunt. Counselors were hiding in eight different spots around camp. The rest of the camp divided into teams and set out looking. When a team found a hiding counselor, they had to get a signature as proof.


Two counselors, KG and Megan, were hidden in the upper room of the gym. Cameron was sitting way over on the top of the golf hill. Billy and Colleen were hiding inside the buses. Ziggy was a runner; we had to catch up with him. At the zip line site, Jen and Reese were hiding in a makeshift teepee fort. Kasoff and Ben were at the climbing wall. However, they had put chairs down at the bottom. This made it look like they were runners. They climbed up inside of the rock wall. Only a few teams found them. None of the teams were able to find Sam or Mohan. Mohan was also a runner. He was dressed all in camouflage hiding in the woods. Sam was up in a tree near the infirmary.


Many teams tied with six counselor signatures. I loved this activity. It was crazy intense. Everyone was running the entire way (which was really nice, because they were worn out by bedtime). It was a good time.


Today, the kiddos have another day full of activities. Remember to look at our page on Facebook. We’ll update with some pictures and videos for you!