Feel the First Breeze of Summer

After a week of fun, CTT is really in full swing. Boys Leagues is already deciding seeding for playoffs, Girl Power Hour is dramatically boosting the spirit of Girls Side, and campers are shooting bullseyes and scoring goals galore.

Yesterday, Hayley Sanders and Ziggy won games of tennis. In horses, Gabe Perman trotted for the first time while Reece Dennison and Nicola Lee-Oesterreich cantered. Sydney LaPorte, Javier Ripio, and John Barnes shot bullseyes. Shayna Allentoff and Alienor de Dieuleveult won games of art bingo. Max and Miller Friedman (unrelated, but still impressive) shot par in Frisbee Golf and Beck Mueller won a game of knockout. In a particularly impressive day at the climbing wall, Anna Hutzler, Hayley Sanders, Jami Siegal, Lucia Sanz Carpintero, Katherine Barnes, and Sydney LaPorte made it to the top of the wall.

Last night was CTT Game Show Night where cabins went around to different game shows to compete for the grand prize of getting canteen first. Campers competed intensely at Family Feud, Name That Tune, Password, and Jeopardy. At Password, Grant Newcome and Ryan Bernstein displayed their teamwork ability and how they could read each other’s thoughts as when Ryan was given the word “rock,” he knew to just say Dwayne Johnson for Grant to respond with “THE ROCK.” Laz Friedberg showed off his intellect by answering most of the trivia questions including knowing that a month has to start on a Sunday in order for there to be a Friday the 13th and that elephants have a gestation period of twenty-two months. The cabins worked hard and at the end, Cabin H came in 3rd place, Cabin 5 came in 2nd place, and Girls Tents, with an incredible performance at Name That Tune, won game show night.

After the rain last night, today is a cool day and we can really feel that sweet summer breeze. Today, the Futsal tournament concludes with Liverpool (counselor Will, Laz Friedberg, and Max Friedman) and Bayern Munich (counselor Nick, Matt Kasoff, and Bobby Jaffe) duking it out in the finals. Tonight, CTT goes to the Winchester Skating Center for a fun night at the rink. Lastly, all of us here are elated that this week is our Wet Your Feet Week and Cabin 1 and Cabin B are excited for these new faces. Welcome to camp!