Fairy-Tale Ending

Well it was an interesting transition to go from Disney Night on Sunday to Peanuts’ themed King’s Dominion on Monday, but CTT sure had fun!

On Sunday night, a mysterious princess was casually visiting CTT until tragedy struck and she was kidnapped. Luckily, campers were on the case and travelled all around camp to find out who the princess was and what happened to her. At the lake, the Seven Dwarves were in canoes and had to be paddleboated to in order for them to divulge information. On the Upper Fields, Aladdin carried campers on sheets as part of his magic carpet ride and at archery; they had to shoot arrows at villains to save Pocahontas. After all the stations, including a spiderweb at the challenge course, each team had to come up with a skit on how to save the missing princess who was revealed to be Cinderella.

Monday, we went to King’s Dominion for a fun change of pace at an amusement park. With the temperature low and spirits high, CTT had a great day out with Jelly Chen riding her first ever roller coaster and Vance Pallone, Leonard Pasquier, and Jacob Sanders going through Snoopy’s Splash House over a dozen times, smiling each time! Even some of the more experienced campers had fun and did things they never had before. Justin Lasker went on his first ride with a drop and Ethan Polk-Trauman rode the Intimidator for the first time.

The past few days have been memorable to many campers as well. Ignacio Marco won a game of king of the court as well as winning a game of gagaball with Bastien Vitet, Justin Smedley, and Kyle Solomon. The CTTFFL began with the Purple Nurples being the league leader thanks to multiple interceptions and touchdowns by Jordan Abel. Vance Pallone won a game of knockout. Jacob Sanders and Maddie St. Aubin shot bullseyes. Melorie Jenkins conquered her fear of heights and climbed the wall. Brady Osterman, Brett Richardson, Jordan Abel won games of Frisbee golf. Lastly, Justin Leibow, demonstrating his basketball prowess, won two games of knockout.

The last few days of camp are always special to me. Relationships hit their peak and activities get to the point where it feels like you know everything; it’s the time that CTT feels like home away from home. Boys’ League concludes today with a dodgeball game and the CTTFFL playoffs begin. In addition to the sports competitions, the play is tomorrow and everyone is learning their lines in preparation. The art classes are tye-dying and mastering their painting skills whilst the rocketry classes are launching their rockets higher than ever before.

Tonight, we have a camp scavenger hunt and then the play and then color war and then our countdown to Second Session 2013 begins. Let’s go!