Eek! A ghost!

Matt Kasoff is wearing a safety vest and doing the safety dance. Noah Hayes is Texas Pete. Yup, last night was Ghost Court.

But before we get into the punishments, last night was also MTV Night filled with hilarious dances and skits. Cabin 2 did a remake of Titanic to “My Heart Will Go On” with Vance Pallone as Jack and Jacob Sanders as Rose (this will make sense in a couple paragraphs). Cabin 3 did “Good Feeling” with a dance. Cabin B did a Despicable Me 2 themed dance to a medley of pop songs. Cabin G danced to “Ready or Not” with Sydney Sachs and Emily Smith as the leaders. Cabin 4 did a medley of songs to tell the love story of their counselor and counselor Molly with Gabe Margolis as Molly. Cabin H danced to “Wannabe” with Juliette de Metz as their choreographer. Cabin F told a day in the life of Boys Tents with Katherine Barnes as Justin Leibow, Hayley Sanders as Carl Lasker, Sydney Alloy as Ben Mendelson, and Julia Perline as Matt Kasoff, who got hurt. Cabin 78 did a hilarious dance to The Script’s Hall of Fame.” It came down to a tie between Boys and Girls Tents. Girls Tents did a skit to “Red Cup” with Sammie Cooper as the director that had them change roles. Boys Tents did a whopping six-minute skit to a medley of songs about administrator Mark, played by Josh Arnold, and his snuggie. After the tiebreaker, Boys Tents was crowned the winner, but they didn’t get long to celebrate as ghosts invaded the gym and it was time for Ghost Court.

Ghost Court is when campers get charged with various ‘crimes’ and the camp is the jury, which is probably why most plaintiffs are guilty. Cabin G and Cabin 3 always ask questions like “when is the bell going to ring?” or “when is murder mystery night?” so because they like questions so much, they must be like the great question askers before them, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. In addition to dressing like the great thinkers, they must present the answers to their own questions. Sydney Sachs must answer, “How long is a piece of string?” Robert Bell must answer, “Why are we here?” Jami Siegal must answer, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Mason Corby must answer, “What was the best thing before sliced bread?” Lori Belt must answer, “What’s another word for thesaurus?” Grayson St. Aubin must answer, “Do fish get thirsty?” Emily Smith must answer, “Do penguins have knees?” Shane Butler must answer, “What do batteries run on?” And lastly, Lucie Pasquier must answer, “What shape is the sky?”

Ethan Polk-Trauman is afraid of bugs so he must wear the bug chain of shame. Aaron Mendelsohn and Ben Mendelson (pronounced the same) are not related. But that is so confusing since they act alike and have roughly the same last name, so today, they will be married at free swim. I wonder which name they will decide to go by. Cabin B loves balloons. Fun fact about Camp Tall Timbers administrator Emma Knox: she is (very distantly) related (no joke) to the scientific genius who created balloons, Michael Faraday. In order to properly thank her for her ancestor’s contributions to their lives, they must ask her at the beginning of each meal and free swim, “Is there anything you need, oh great descendant of Faraday?” Margaret Rappoport acts like she is her sister’s mother so now, she must feed Freddi Rappoport at meals. Cabin 4 is in love with How I Met Your Mother. While I agree that the show is stellar, they are far too interested in it so today I will narrate the story of how they all met.

Matt Kasoff gets injured too much. Like maybe two summers he has not been injured, so today, he is Mr. Safety Man and dons an orange vest and hardhat. Today at free swim, he will give a “Dangers of Camp: How to Be Safe” presentation and perform the safety dance. Cabin H paints their nails far too often, so today they will paint their nails to represent the characters and scenes from The Three Little Pigs and tell the story at free swim. Girls Tents is obsessed with wallabies so today they must wear a pouch with a baby joey and recite the Australian national anthem. Noah Hayes always does shots of hot sauce so now he is dressed as Texas Pete. Cabin F is very obsessed with boys so to curb their obsession, they are wearing signs that say, “I am a strong, independent woman, I don’t need no man” and counselor Sam Friedman will lead them as well as counselor Toby Thwaites in an intense workout session to toughen both Cabin F and Toby up. John Barnes plays the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air too often so today he is dressed like the Fresh Prince and when he leaves the cabin, his counselor Nick will throw him out like Uncle Phil did to Jazz. Emily Walke and Hayley Miller, Jake Sanders and Vance Pallone, and Josh Arnold and Carl Lasker spend too much time together so today, they act, dress, and speak like their counterpart and must go by their friend’s name. Lastly, Melorie Jenkins sings opera too often so tonight, she is writing and performing an opera about camp linen exchange.

Today, in addition to the fun of Ghost Court punishments, is the CTTFFL Super Bowl with the Purple Nurples taking on the Red Bulls and Boys Leagues has its final matches. Tonight is Citrus Fruit Night. The first of what should be many food themed nights, the campers will learn and compete in many citrus-based challenges. I can’t wait!

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  1. Kim Rappoport
    Kim Rappoport says:

    Thanks Alex for this (and all your awesome posts). I hope Margaret does a good job feeding her “baby” sister.

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