Not so much to report today. It’s gorgeous out. Emma Hully and I both had camp-related dreams last night. I dreamt counselor Dean and I were fighting mobsters in pin-striped suits. Emma dreamt that Aurelien appeared on the cover of The Daily Telegraph for inventing a ‘Wind’ decathlon (a decathlon involving wind sports such as kite flying).

The Choco Tacos won last night’s activity, which was Human Board Game. It was a pretty cool set up, and the first time the activity has ever been done here at camp. Giant ‘boards’ (with spaces to land on) were set up up for Candy Land and Trouble. Teams had to roll, move spaces, and follow the directions for each space. The Choco Tacos sang their team jingle for us today at lunch.

Signups for the Homerun Derby have been announced. Brad Griffith, Rhenard Walker-Chesser, and Hunter Green cleared the mountain boarding obstacle course. In Girls’ Leagues, Olivia Seltzer was really into Gaga ball today. Molly Shay and A.J. climbed Lord Equinox using one hand. Jesse Alloy and Forest Green got bullseyes in archery. Matt Kasoff lost a tooth and everyone cheered. I forgot to announce this yesterday, but Casey Dennison rescued a canoe while kayaking for the first time. Counselor Chris Brown was drafted in the Fantasy Football Darft. Alex Fang stood in line and got his dinner completely on one foot, doing tree pose from yoga.

We’re off to see the Winchester Royals baseball game tonight!