Down The Shore Everything’s Alright

As much as we love being at camp, out-of-camp trips are always a fun time. Yesterday, the older campers went white-water rafting in Harper’s Ferry and had a heck of a meal at Golden Corral while the younger campers went to Cacapon State Park for a great time at the beach and some FANTASTIC burgers and hot dogs.

At the park, campers enjoyed a lake all to themselves where Aiden Perman, Sarah Jewell, Sydney Sachs, and Shayna Allentoff used counselor Theresa Brecker as a flotation device and made in the deepest part of the lake. Lucas Sellem, Adam Dunham, Kevin Shefferman, and Alec Marks had a trick Frisbee throwing contest and Virgile Noli juggled a soccer ball for over five minutes. After a beautifully prepared dinner, campers became characters in the story of The Kidnapping of Princess Cacapon. They had to build a shelter for her, find food, save her from her kidnapper, and choreograph a dance for her approval; the final dances even made the princess (counselor Jamie Alloy) cry because it was so cute. Princess Cacapon was saved thanks to the heroes and all was well in Cacapon State Park.

While most of the blog is about what happens between breakfast and bedtime, CTT does not rest. The early mornings are filled with activities for those dedicated campers. Of course, we have Dippies, the tradition of waking up to swim a lap in the pool before breakfast (trust me, it wakes you up better than any alarm can). But there is burgeoning new activity in the morning that is rising to prominence: Runnies. Though traditionally, morning running has been a counselor activity, Ryan Bernstein, Hayley Sanders, Katherine Barnes, Sydney Alloy, Miller Friedman, and Matt Kasoff have been leading the charge and accruing more members to exercise in the morning. Just the other day, Miller “Steve” Friedman ran four miles and Matt Kasoff ran over four sprints up the lake hill before doing sixteen pull-ups. Us dippiers welcome more activities in the morning with open arms and have even started to merge with runnies leading to a great pre-breakfast workout.

Today, the CTTFFL commences and not that I have a bias as their coach, but I really think the Purple Nurples will take home the Jerry Smith Trophy. Tonight is also one of my favorite nights camp has to offer: Cheesy Skit Night. Working with their cabin, campers have to create and perform the funniest skit possible. Tomorrow is also a special day as CTT travels back in time to the Renaissance and we have Renaissance Fair Day tomorrow. Time for some jousting!