Don’t Look Back

If there is one thing I have learned at Camp Tall Timbers in eight years, it is that CTT can always help you step out of your comfort zone and try something new. That was proven yesterday with our camp-wide trip to King’s Dominion. Brett Richardson and Jake Gutman had never ridden a roller coaster before, and intended to only ride water rides for the day. But, after some encouragement by their counselor, Zach Fang, they rode every roller coaster, even the ones that went upside-down. Brady Osterman thought that arcade games were rigged, but he knocked down cans with a baseball and won a giant Jamaican banana. Grant Leibow was the shining star of the day as he competed in four different basketball competitions and won five giant stuffed animals and a Duke University basketball. The trip ended with a quick eat at McDonalds before we returned tired from a fun day of rides.

Today, we have the scintillating playoffs of Boys’ Leagues with Easy-E’s Barbie Princesses in first place and the CTT Fantasy Football Darft where the counselors and CITs (with help from the campers) have an intense fantasy football draft that is played throughout the year. It is these last few days at Camp Tall Timbers that are the most memorable so we’ll look ahead to tonight’s scavenger hunt and the last fun-filled days of our time here at good ol’ CTT.