Do You Have a Minute?

Last night, Max Penn bounced a cookie off of his forehead and into his mouth. Miller Friedman separated a cup of M&M’s by color in under a minute. Nate Fink bounced tennis balls off of the floor, off of the wall of the gym and into a bucket on his head.

None of these activities have any use in the real world, but these campers’ strange talents came in handy during our version of the popular game show ‘Minute to Win It.’ Some kids had to stack and unstack cups, keep two feathers in the air by blowing them and bounce their head 125 times in a minute. It was a hectic night, but in the end Casey Dennison proved to be the ultimate champion by catching four marshmallows in a cup after she launched them from a plate with a broom (I’m not sure how else to describe it…).

Tonight is Jive Through The Genres and it is always hilarious to see what kind of dances these kids can come up with. Tomorrow night is Skating Night, and for those of you who are familiar with me and this blog, you know I actually bring ice packs to the rink in anticipation of the pain. Fortunately for all of your kids, they are much more skilled than I am and they never have any trouble zooming around the rink.

Well, it is time to go think of a dance for tonight. I’m thinking of a country version of ‘Smooth Criminal.’ Can it be done? I don’t know, but if it can be someone here will figure out how…