Dancing In The Dark

Tent girls dancing to dubstep; Cabin 8 dancing to show tunes; such glorious sights can only happen at last night’s MTV Night. Each cabin received a genre and danced all night to try to win the coveted MTV Night trophy for their cabin.

Cabin 3, led by Kyle Foster and the Hemmis brothers, rocked out to Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” for their genre of rock and roll. Cabin A’s genre was 21st Century pop artists and did an adorable dance to Selena Gomez’s catchy hit, “Love You Like a Love Song.” Cabin G had to dance to a song by a 21st Century pop group and chose LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” while Cabin 1 danced to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” for their Disney genre. Cabin B had a very well-choreographed dance to country sensation Marc Broussard’s “Home.” By the end of the night, there was a tie between Cabin 4 and Boys Tents. Cabin 4, led by Ferris Bueller-esque lead singer Simon Rosenthal, did a phenomenal skit to The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” for their classic rock genre and Boys Tents had opera and performed “All I Ask of You” from The Phantom of the Opera with Aaron Walsh as the Phantom and Oliver Schwartz donning a white dress and wig to be Christine Daaé. The tiebreaker was a skit-off where Cabin 4 and Boys Tents had to present a skit of Pimp My Ride. They were both very good, but the audience cheered loudest for Boys Tents and they got to take the gorgeous trophy back to their tents.

Today, Boys Leagues playoffs begin and the CTT Ping-Pong tournament commences with the entire camp competing to see who the true table tennis master is. Tonight is another special night with our talent show that demonstrates some of the skills and abilities campers have that cannot be shown in normal daily activities. The winner of the talent show receives a free trip to ice cream haven Pack’s. Let’s see who has the best talent!

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