Dancing Days Are Here Again

When a camper does something notable at Camp Tall Timbers, they receive an announcement at lunch time. Counselors relish in making these announcements and quite a few make one nearly every meal time. Yesterday was no exception with announcements ranging from the lake at one end of camp to the rock wall at the other.

Yesterday morning we saw our first fish of the session with a nice size bass caught by Ashley Stern. Alec Geis, Sam Hu, Simon Schwartz, Noah Braman, and Jack Morrisroe all won contests in riflery, also known as “Zombie Survival 101”, because in addition to learning how to shoot guns, Ethan teaches campers facts about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Ethan’s follow-up class, “Zombie Survival 102” (archery) also saw quite a few snipers with Adam Lampal, Harry Kaplan, and Julia Trice all winning games of knock out. Up at the tennis courts, Parker Mitchell, Noah Braman, and Justin Dryer won games of jail. The rock wall continued to be a hot spot for campers testing their courage and braving it to them top. Jaclyn Welfeld attempted the wall for the first time and Sophie Delta climbed to the top in her very first attempt. Nate Schwartz received a special shout out for climbing the wall faster than anyone had seen in a very long time. Not all announcements involve an individual accomplishment. Flip Flop gave all of cabin 1 an announcement for “finding the Holy Grail behind the spiderweb” during their challenge course session with him. I’m not sure what that means but cabin 1 claims they had a blast doing it.

Yesterday’s evening activity was the first skit competition of the session, MTV night. My first year at camp was 2003 and this was one of the strongest and closest MTV nights I have ever seen. Cabin A started things off with their rendition of “Circle of Life”. Everyone was quite impressed that girls that young could choreograph such a complicated dance for the entire song. Other highlights included Cabin B bringing back some of the favorite dance moves of the summer, Cabin F’s reenactment of the Taylor Swift song “You Belong With Me”, and watching Emma return to being a counselor and help the Cabin G girls during “I Want It That Way”. The night resulted in a three way tie between Cabin 2’s version of Lupe Fiasco’s “The Show Goes On” which the judges commented “felt like a real music video”, Girls Tents’ rickrolling the audience during their 80s Mash Ups, and Boys Tents’ hilarious delivery of a number of Boy Band songs. After a series of dance offs, Girls Tents came out the winners of the night. Overall another excellent busy day.