Dance Parties, Water Polo and Guns- Gotta Love Cabin Night

Some amazing things happen during Cabin Night. Every Wednesday of every session, a few campers go above and beyond what is expected and really shine while we hang out with the people we are closest to at camp – our bunkmates.

The kids from Cabin Seven trekked down to the rifle range and played a hand of Shoot ‘Em Up poker, which is played with the deck of cards taped to a solid object and the players shoot the cards they want. Benji Fleischmann proved to be the best shooter in the cabin by knocking down three jacks. I don’t want to say this is a direct result of the fact that he has a riflery class with me, but I think there could be a chance…

The Buffalo Village boys spent the evening at the pool playing water polo and jamming out to Blues Traveler. Several games were played and the kids scored a near-flawless victory against the counselors, but the real highlight of the night came in the final game when Kevin Shefferman tallied 25 individual goals on his own. Having been on the opposing team, I can assure you there was no stopping the man. He just caught fire early and kept scoring.

Some groups, such as the young ladies in girls’ tents, opted to have a very non-competitive night and watched a movie. There was also a dance party for Cabin A and a lighthearted softball game for Cabin Five.

All in all, Cabin Night is one of our favorite nights at camp. We get to do some awesome activities with our cabin mates and it is always a good time.

Today, we are all loading up on the buses and trucking to Cacapon for our first out of camp trip of the session! There is an almost electric buzz around camp as we prepare for the adventure. This trip is always a favorite for the campers and the games we play there are always a ton of fun. And due to the small heat wave we’ve been experiencing, the cool water should prove to be extra refreshing.

Well, I have to go dig out my swim trunks and get ready for a day sure to be full of chicken fights and sand burials. I can’t wait! Check back tomorrow for details from the trip.