CTT Takes Over The World!!!

You may remember a few days ago when a bunch of gladiators interrupted our Saturday service? Well, it happened again this week.

Except this time, instead of gladiators, a group of villains robbed some innocent bystanders! The villains, who looked strangely like counselors Tiz and Collin, were quickly thwarted by a pair of superheroes (Bill and Jason). The heroes informed the crowd that it was Superhero Day, but then the villains struck back! They scared off the superheroes with water guns and declared it Global Domination Day! The camp was split into teams and, like every Saturday, the team switched into their colors and the events began!

The day began with a game of four-way dodgeball, a penny dive and an arms race. The arms race consisted of a group of games where the competitors use only their arms, such as a strength endurance test, an arm wrestling competition and unraveling a human knot.

Each team was also tasked with building their own city and destroying the other teams. The red team, led by Mighty Bill Young, won the city competition and led most of the day until the skit portion. It was there that the yellow team, the wards of counselor Mark and Ethan Ebinger, unveiled their evil plan to blow up BP oil rigs on the East coast. The U.S. government probably wouldn’t be pleased with their plan, but the judges were and at the end of the day it was announced that the yellow team had won!

So this Saturday we learned that services will almost always be rudely interrupted, the cause of the BP oil spill and that Ethan Ebinger is the guy you want on your team on a Saturday (he was also a part of the winning green team from Gladiator Day).

It’s hard to believe there is only one week left in this session. It has flown by so quickly, but there is still a lot of cool stuff to do this week. We are going to King’s Dominion, there is a counselor hunt and presumably there is something big going on towards the end of the week. It’s that thing I mentioned the other day, with all of the yelling, intensity and color. I just can’t remember the name. Clash of the Colors, maybe?