CTT Showcase

Many of the older campers went go-karting yesterday morning. This allowed the younger campers to have a lot more interaction with the counselors. For example, Andrei Ross was the only member of his climbing class and climbed the hard wall twice and the easy wall five times. Hunter Morrisroe and Nick Johnson each won two games of jail. Hunter also canoed around the lake multiple times. In archery, Sofia Gonzalez-Kosasky won a game of knock out. The baseball class turned into a home run derby with Nate Schwartz, Oliver Schwartz, Meier Parr each hitting a home run and Sam Greenberg hitting two. Livia Lampal lost a tooth. Also, during third period, it happened and Matt Van Aken won twice and Chet Stein won once.

Last night’s evening activity was the talent show. Thanks to tireless promotion by Maya, it was a huge success. We had 25 acts ranging from Jaclyn Welfeld’s growl to Boys Tents 6 song medley. The MCs for the night were Nick, Flip, and Albert. Albert also entertained the crowd with his animal noises in between sets. The vocal and dance classes all did their performances they had been working on in class, but anyone was allowed to enter. Keith made a band with campers and counselors. Daniel Gonzalez-Kosasky performed an acoustic version of “Stairway to Heaven” and his sister, Sofia, did a couple songs on the ukulele. Teddy Geis channeled “a comedian from 1980” and entertained the crowd with some of his own material while Quinn and Holden Cook told some more well-known jokes. Josh McConnell showed off some of the dragons he drew and explained their powers. Jenna Ross and Hailee Williams did a very funny scene about trying to get a mime to share pizza. Jake Welfeld showed off his acrobatic ability by doing such tricks as a backflip and a “kick-the-moon”.

In addition to Boys Tents, Caoimhe Ni Dhroighneain, Shelby Buyalos, and Gentry Stromer did a dance as did Catherine Ni Dhroighneain, Stevie Nocket, and Sofia Navas Sharry. Singing was also a popular talent. Hailey Mostow covered “Love Song”, Taylor Antonis sang Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”, and Jasmine Williams won the talent show with her version of “Hate on Me” by Jill Scott. Flip Flop and Julie ended the evening on a messy note with a “Special Treat” cooking show that resulted in Julie, wearing a poncho, covering herself in whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and ice cream. Both the campers and counselors were in hysterics. This morning, a much cleaner Julie introduced the theme for this session’s trip to the roller rink: decades. It should be a blast.

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