Come Back Home (to CTT)

I always heard the expression time flies when you’re having fun and just assumed it was something people said to make me want to do stuff, but Second Session 2012 has proven that maxim true. The past three weeks have raced by, much to my dismay, because soon, coach buses will arrive and Second Session will officially be over. As devastated as I am that the best session I have experienced as a counselor will conclude shortly, I smile when I look back on these special weeks.

It is going to be hard to forget about watching Vance Pallone and Adam Tommer running to me yelling “thunder buddy!” whenever we had a thunderstorm or the enthusiasm the Rappoport and Dalton sisters had about going hiking to catch frogs at the creek. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Hayley Sanders and Julia Stern become leaders of girls side and replace Lauren Friedman as best female all-around campers and their impact on CTT is appreciated by all. Let’s not forget about Josh Arnold who, at lunch, thought he made an egregious error by putting cheese on his French fries and then put his plate in the microwave causing all of Boys’ side to rejoice that we now could make cheese fries. It is impossible to forget about Boys Tents’ brilliant “Day-O” skit which spawned a wave of campers yelling, “six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!” to one another at random times. A special compliment to Jack “Vito” Parr who, as a CIT, led the camp in a good direction and I sincerely look forward to seeing him as a counselor.

There’s also a sense of joy throughout the summer watching campers do things they have never done before or progress in their activities. I cannot think of a day where I did not hear about Brett Richardson crushing a baseball or Jordan Abel doing something incredibly athletic in any sport. Watching Jacob Sanders get excited about a log flume put a smile on my face just as watching Brady Osterman get excited about kickball did. It’s not just these campers, but everyone who made the past three weeks so incredibly entertaining, fun, and blissful.

But, as nostalgic and sad these last few days are, they are also some of the best in camp. Boys Leagues just wrapped up and while I was personally rooting for Sam’s Fang’s Bloggers to vanquish any and all competition, Albert’s Rhinoceri maintained their status as an undefeated team and are the Boys Leagues champions. Also, campers have been learning lines for the past weeks in preparation for tonight’s musical, The Big Bad Musical, and the CTTFFL Super Bowl is today! Tomorrow is one of my favorite parts of camp, Color War, where the camp is divided in two teams (blue and white) and the competition is intense for the last two days. After color war, we get a relaxing pool party before we start cleaning and packing and working on our cabin plaques and eventually getting ready for banquet.

So with this final blog entry of Second Session 2012 I say goodbye. I have the greatest job ever as every day I get to tell you all how great my second home is. I appreciate that people have read every day and the occasional compliments about the daily Springsteen references renews my faith in society. Once again, good luck, goodbye, and be prepared for hours of stories your kids have to tell. Enjoy.

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