Choomster! Choomster! Choomster!

The chant bellowed through the dining hall as a few campers and counselors made their way to the head of the room carrying exceptionally large potato chips. Each of them looked eager to match their formidable crisp with the next and every one of them hoped to possess the largest chip of the day- or as we know it at CTT, the coveted Choomster. The search for the Choomster is one of our neatest little quirks. Both the boy’s and girl’s sides take great pride in bringing home the Choomster.
Yesterday the boy’s side took home the glory thanks to Jason Gersh’s baseball sized snack. He devoured it as the boy’s side followed up the “Choomster” cheer with chants of “Eat it!”

Outside camp, such a tradition might look a little crazy. But here at CTT such behavior is all in fun, commonplace and encouraged. The search for the Choomster is just one of the really neat things that make any amount of time at CTT special.

In another arena of crazy competitions, the boys down in the Buffalo Village and the girls of cabins A & B continued their rivalry during cabin night. Originally, the two groups were separated. A & B set up for a relaxing spa night on the wrestling mats outside the gym and were content to paint their nails and be girly until bedtime.

The BV had other plans. They were in the gym playing some incredibly intense games of dodgeball. The boys could hear the girl’s music outside and after some convincing and goading, A & B sent counselor Eva inside to challenge the boys to a few games. The action was just as heated as the water balloon fight the day before, but there was definitely a clear cut winner. The BV beat A & B seven straight times. But A & B won’t back down, so they challenged the boys to yet another water battle during second free swim. The boys answered the challenge with the help of Dean, who helped them freeze and kidnap counselor Kelly. The rivalry between the youngest kids in camp is in full swing and it may be the most exciting thing going on in camp. Details from the water battle will be posted soon…

Elsewhere, campers have been teaching the counselors a thing or two. On the basketball court, Alvaro defeated Adam Gersh in a game of one-on-one. At the archery range, Casey Dennison beat the archery counselor (who happened to be me) in a game of Knock-out. During the game, Casey hit her first bull’s eye. It was a big day for Casey at the range and one she will hopefully remember for a long time.

Yesterday marked the first ever Annual Mike Conti Gold Bag Walk. During second free swim Conti, CB and some counselors walked to the soccer fields and back. No one is sure why it was momentous or what charity it supported, but we do know they were very enthusiastic and that has to count for something.

During the same period, the Cook brothers, Evan and Joel, donned their camouflage suits and hid from a search party. After not being found at all last year, both Cooks were discovered in less than a minute. I’m not sure whether the Cooks were taking it easy on the rest of us or the search party’s finding skills have greatly improved, but we will all eagerly await the next time the Cooks try to escape the rest of the camp.

Tonight, we will be jumping on the buses and going to see the Winchester Royals in action. This is one of the activities everyone in camp looks forward to and it should prove to be a good time. What could be better than a baseball game with all of our friends and CTT family?