Chillin’ at the Roller Rink

Last night we headed to the roller rink in Winchester to get our grooves on, listen to a lot of songs from the 90’s, and wear glow-in-the-dark jewelry. I was happy to see that several of the girls had cool rainbow socks to go with their skates. Right as I hit the rink I ran into Justin Lasker, who needed help lacing his skates. We sat on the carpet and laced him up, which took forever, and just when I was sure he must be feeling really frustrated (since all the kids were already out on the rink having fun) he simply said “Thanks for helping.” What a guy.

The kids made all sorts of chains, holding hands. We pretty much had the rink to ourselves except for a couple who help to run the rink and who know how to roller skate slow dance. I went a few rounds with a few different kids. Vito and I circled a few times while we discussed which season is the most awesome. Vito said he wished it would turn winter as soon as camp is over because then he can play ice hockey, but I argued that that was a bit hasty because we would miss Halloween. In the end I think we decided we like the seasons as they are. Jasmine Whims and I worked a little bit on our backward skating.

Just as things were winding down and campers were getting out on the floor for the cha cha slide, Jesse Alloy fell and chipped his front tooth. He is fine, but it was a shock at first, and counselor Dean came over to talk to him about the time he chipped his own tooth while singing Peanut Butter and Jelly Time. Admin talked to Jesse’s parents and a dentist (former counselor Erica Patthoff) and the tooth chip is being carefully looked after by nurse Sarah.

We got home late. I heard a thunderstorm move in long after I was in bed and fell asleep to the rain, which has lasted us all day today. In honor of the rainy day, the counselors organized a Mr. and Mrs. Camp TT competition. Each cabin had to select a counselor to enter in the contest. Then they had to help that counselor succeed in the following categories: skit, swimwear, evening wear, question, and talent.

The skits told the story of why each counselor deserves to be Mr. or Mrs. CTT. Chris Brown, for instance, entered the world as a ray of sunlight – deaf, blind and mute- but learned to see from the eagles, and taught himself English before coming to camp. Jordan co-wrote Harry Potter and went to middle earth to save the fairies. Miranda learned from angel Orli Berman what camp would be like if she had never been a counselor here.

A few highlights from the talent portion: Sami and Miranda played the cups (their campers made the music), Ricky fought sharks (played by the boys of cabin 4) while scuba diving, Ryan Hertlein bench pressed the boys from his cabin to a soundtrack by Faith Hill, Eileen and the tent girls did an awesome song and dance routine to “Breaking Free,” the tent boys rapped – with a special solo by Albert Oriol, and Mike Conti built a pyramid out of his campers while laser combing his hair.

Questions ranged from “How will cultural diversity affect the economic stability of the UK?” to “If you had one wish what would it be?” to “Why?” Chris Brown answered his question by saying that “The answer to everything is me.” Mike Hertlein said he didn’t care about his question, all he cared about was disco, and then danced.

Mr. and Mrs. CTT were announced at dinner. The winners were Jordan and Ryan! Their cabins will get a pizza party tonight.

I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you we did indeed beat the world record the other day for secrets told about Dean while Dean is standing right there. Here are some secrets I learned about Dean:

Dean has two right legs.
After a car accident, he was accidentally implanted with a monkey’s heart.
He has lots of stuffed animals on his bed and most of them are angels.
That’s a wig.

Well, tonight is human board game night, and the sun is supposed to come back tomorrow….