Cheesy Skit Night

Another skit night, another hilarious night at CTT.

Cheesy Skit Night is one of my favorite evening activities because it is a time where the creative side of campers can shine. Cabin 5 acted out a barfight featuring Zach LaPorte as the leading lady with his nails painted and sporting a beautiful white dress. Cabin B performed a game show entitled Are You an American? with Hayley Sanders as the host, Sage Jacobson as special guest Ke$ha, and Sydney Sachs as the winner of the game. Cabin 4 essentially Rickroll’d the audience much to everyone’s surprise. Boys and Girls Tents did skits mocking boys side. Cabin 78 was the winner of the night with a hilarious skit featuring Theodore Kling and Samuel Brami as the owners of an Italian restaurant (even though they are French) and Jesse Alloy and Aaron Morris as their zany customers.

Mealtimes are always fun at CTT as they are never quiet. The girls side does a chant where they bang on the tables and clap and the guys respond with a chant celebrating basketball player extraordinaire John Wall. Yesterday, the boys walked over to the girls’ side to sing The Righteous Brothers’ classic, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”. Also, Brandon Kagen won the choomster contest for the boys side, which is a test to see who got the biggest potato chip.

CTT heads to the roller rink tonight. The theme of the night is “Superheroes” where the counselors dress up as superheroes and the campers dress up as super villains and we have a fun night skating.

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