Candy for Everyone!

When you give CTT a mission, they follow through: just ask Granny.

Last night, Granny gave everyone the task of saving her candy from the evil Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas. Completing daunting tasks such as grabbing a balloon with your teeth from the bottom of the pool, competing in intense charades, climbing the rock wall, using a golf club as a pool cue and sinking the golf ball in the hole, or shooting the bad candy at archery, all the campers worked to bring Granny’s Candies back to the base. On their way though, they had to outrun and outsmart some pretty talented (if I do say so myself) Oompa Loompas who wanted to eat all the candy. Despite the Oompa Loompas’ valiant attempts, CTT successfully saved Granny’s Candies and stopped the vicious Oompa Loompas from taking over the candy world.

In other camp news, at riflery, Oliver Walke, Adam Lampal, Ewan Hemmis, Jerome Williams, Pablo Heredia, Juan Diego Granai, Juan Miguel Fernandez, and Kelt Van Meurs shot cans. Reid Madison won the driving contest at golf and Will Tannebaum won the home run derby.

Today begins our big finale to camp. With the ping-pong tournament and futsal tournament ending today and Boys Leagues having their playoffs, we are hitting our last strides. The challenge course classes are ziplining and arts and crafts are tye-dying their hearts out. Tonight, our younger campers have their closing campfire complete with songs, s’mores, and stories and our older campers go bowling. Let’s hope I get a strike!