Campers in the Water

The weather here is unbelievable! It storms one day and is sweltering the next. At least yesterday’s water day cooled everyone down. After a morning of B-day activities, campers split into teams and competed in wet sponge dodgeball, a water relay, water limbo, and a water balloon toss. That night, we wound down with a superhero themed campfire where campers were given a superpower that they had to act out. After their skits, there was a freeze art competition followed by a campfire complete with sing-along songs and s’mores.

Today, Boys Leagues has two hours of competitive play and the CTTFFL continues with playoffs just around the corner. The weekend ahead also has fun activities with tonight being MTV night where the campers perform their own music video in front of the whole camp and Saturday, we forgo regular activities and have a special themed day and Saturday is Wild West Day. Yeehaw!