Nothing beats the beach.

Yesterday, most of the camp went to Cacapon State Park. Enjoying their time at the beach, counselor Zach Fang, Aaron Forest, Kevin Shefferman, Noah Pugliese, Paul Holtz & Jacob Greenberg built a massive sandcastle. Theodore Kling, Sam Brami, Martin Babinet, and the Vitet brothers united to ensure that counselors went in the water. After a few hours of splashing, diving, and Frisbee on the beach, we had a big cookout.  The CTT campers showed their talent after the cookout with a sandcastle building contest. In 2nd place, cabin 2 built a “sand city” and Paul Holtz explained the rich history of their sand city mixing in elements from CTT and the plot from The Last Airbender. In 1st place, cabin 3 recreated Bikini Bottom and Jacob Blitz led the group in an adorable rendition of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. All of the sandcastles were well designed and showed tremendous creativity on the part of the campers.

The older campers went rafting where Jake Abel lost a tooth and our international campers bonded with the veteran CTT campers in cabin 4 and cabin G over phrases in Spanish and cheering. The rafters then went to a buffet where they were able to eat as much as they could (much to the delight of all the campers).

Today, Ethan Harrison caught two fish and the Red Bulls and Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotammi hold their first practices today to prepare for the vigorous CTTFFL season that lies ahead. This weekend, it’s Pirate Day where campers take a break from their regular activities, divide into teams, and compete in pirate-themed activities throughout the day. CTT will give out a big “Aarghh” and we will see soon which pirate ends up on top.