Cabin Night

So your faithful blogger has been at camp for a while now, but it’s just hitting me how much goes on here. There is literally always something excellent happening. During free swim alone, your options could be yoga/pilates, a ping-pong competition, futsal, flag football, swimming or a poetry workshop. And that’s only the organized activities: there are always lots of little games popping up all over the place. Two nights ago was Murder Mystery Night, in which the dramatically staged death of a beloved cook led the whole camp to solve the mystery of whodunnit. Today, older campers are going white-water rafting, and younger campers will be spending the day at Cacapon State Park, swimming and running around and having a cook-out. There is never a dull moment.

That includes last night, which was Cabin Activity Night. As counselors, we spent breakfast frantically clamoring for the best spots around camp for our nights, but we all knew that no matter where we were, our cabin’s collective personality would make the night special. My cabin got the rec hall, but it was so nice out that we mostly hung out on the porch. We played improv games with much hilarity, but the highlight of the night was a game of Freeze Dance. Freeze Dance, of course, is a game where you dance like no one’s watching, and when the music is paused, you have to freeze, and the person who is too invested in the song to stop is out for the game.

Cabin F, the youngest girls in camp, were on the gym mats having a spa night. I saw them parade out from their makeup session, most having abandoned traditional mascara-lip gloss-blush-eyeliner for exotic face painting in riotous designs. The tent boys had the gym, and we heard them playing loud sports all evening, laughing and whooping the whole time.

It’s amazing how in only a few days, each cabin or tent group has developed its own distinct personalities, inside jokes, and little group slangs. I guess when so much is going on, it just happens naturally.

Other Tall Timbers Happenings

–       The Zeta Psi Sluggers won their Boys League game

–       Charlotte Bell and Emily Walke did great in riflery

–       In Canoeing, Freddi Rappoport and Taryn Dalton flipped their canoe and caught a fish in it

–       The Dominant Dutch beat the Portugal Predators in futsal

–       Sebastian Fischbach and Emily Smith were the MVPs in futsal

–       Jerry Golub and Ryan ‘Buns’ Bernstein won the warmup competition in tennis

–       Shane Butler won knockout in archery

–       In Gymnastics, Freddi Rappoport and Mayson Smith tied in the cartwheel competition, and Jamie Stern had the best roundoff

–       In soccer, Sebastian Fischbach scored a goal with a bicycle kick

–       Leonard Pasquier kicked a 40-yard field goal in football

–       Mel Jenkins and Sammie Cooper completed the tension traverse in Challenge Course