BV Reigns Supreme!

Today, the Buffalo Village established their dominance over the rest of CTT in a big way.

For the last week, the boys have been sneaking away to the art shack with counselor Krista. They have been hush-hush about their covert project and told people they were just working on a new banner for the cabin. They have been working diligently for some time now, and this morning CTT saw what they were up to.

The boys rose with the sun (well, a little later. Probably about 45 minutes before the rest of the camp) and went to the art shack. Their counselor, Trow, let them in and they made a beeline for their banner.

When the rest of the camp arose a while later, they looked to the flagpole expecting to see Old Glory but instead saw a BV banner! It was adorned with all of the kid’s signatures, buffalos in the corners and random sports equipment. It warns people not to look at Medusa/ Rachel. It states that the kids are awesome, but the counselors are just OK.

The BV boys with their flag

All in all, the flag perfectly displays what the young men have taken away from their first year of camp. They fought through homesickness, learned new traditions and routines, furthered their knowledge and skills on the field of competition while making good friends and lifelong memories the whole way. Collectively, I’d say the men in the BV had a great first session of camp and are going to be ready when next summer rolls around.

There will be some big things going on in camp today outside of the BV. The CTTBL resumes play with the biggest rivalry in baseball: My Red Sox vs. Twix’s Yankees. These two squads will test each other during the first free swim with the league lead on the line.

After that, the flag football league will crown a champion. The Red Bulls, coached by Zach and yours truly, will be taking on Spanky and Julie’s Orange Crush. The two teams met before this season with the Bulls winning by three, but this is the Super Bowl and anything can happen. I know Ill be wearing my ¾ length Bill Belichick-style shirt for the game. It should be highly competitive and fun to watch.

That sums up our Monday here at camp. With a new flag and some big games, the campers will hardly have time to look ahead to tomorrow’s trip to King’s Dominion. But I know it is in the back of their mind, because despite my games today I am already feeling terrified of the ‘fun’ metal monsters known as roller coasters.

So, we have two big days upcoming at CTT. Oh, and a little thing called Color War. It will be a grueling, tiring few days for everyone but they should also be some of the best days of the summer. I won’t be able to blog tomorrow, but I will be back soon with news from CTT’s takeover of King’s Dominion…