BV ‘Jive’ Reigns Supreme!!!

When counselors Megan, Ollie and Marylou announced the assigned genres for Jive Through the Genres, the boys of the Buffalo Village got really excited when they heard that they were to come up with a lip sync routine for a country song. The tent boys were already buzzing about their Disney routine and Cabin HuG seemed pretty hyped to tackle a 90’s pop song. Everyone was excited to exit the dining hall and start preparing for another great night of skits.

The show began with BV’s interpretation of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story.’ Brandon Kagen, who (along with several other boys) had donned a dress, make up and nail polish for the occasion, played Juliet. As he serenaded Nicky Feldman’s Romeo, the crowd couldn’t stop laughing. When it was all over, the youngest boys had thrown down the gauntlet for the rest of the night.

But every cabin broke out the big guns for the event. Cabin A got gangsta, girls’ tents went punk, Cabin 3 were greasers and Cabin 7 disturbed us. Cabin 5 even found the Eye of the Tiger. But like most skit nights, the judges decided it was too close to call and the winner was to be decided with a dance-off between the BV, Cabin HuG and boys’ tents (who got in with a well-rehearsed Disney medley mocking the life of counselor Kyle and his relationship with the pretty princess Fangorella).

After a dance-off filled with everything from Ethan Harrison doing the worm under a tent boy to Sam Friedman leaping over someone to the HuG counselors being banned from the stage, the BV boys finally claimed victory. It was a huge win for the boys and the ones that dressed as girls were sure relieved they hadn’t done it for nothing.

But just like every competition here, the winner was forgotten soon after and the laughter lived on. It may have been the best skit night I’ve seen in my time at CTT and I know I won’t be forgetting it for a long time. If we had that much fun together during Jive Through the Genres, I can’t wait to head off to the skating rink tonight. It should be a blast!!!!