Bus Stop at CTT

There is literally nothing that beats a couple of weeks at Camp Tall Timbers, and one of the best nights at CTT is our whole-camp welcome backwards-hat campfire. Before I get too far into the details of one heck of a first full day at Camp Tall Timbers, allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Alex Fang; some of you may remember my brother as the blogger from last year. Have no fear, I am much better. I am one of the cabin 3 counselors, and I have been at Camp Tall Timbers since 2004. To put that into perspective, my last summer I spent at home, I had seen Finding Nemo three times. My summers have only gone uphill since then. Even after almost a decade, there is not a day at CTT that I have not enjoyed. But I’ll be with you for a while this summer – back to the campfire.

The campfire began with a celebration of camp unity in our backwards hats. Though it sounds kind of silly, it is truly an awesome thing when we all do something together, even if it is just a fashion statement. We then had a brief explanation and demonstration of CTT traditions such as CTT’s signature hug, the story of the ‘founder’ of camp, Billy Mathis, and his greatest composition, the “Friends song.”

After we were caught up on traditions, we broke into teams to work on skits. Each team was a mix of boys and girls and young and old and had to use a superhero and a random prop to tell the story of how Camp Tall Timbers was saved. While they were not the winner, the team with Deadmau5 as their superhero had the cleverest skit with Hailey Mostow as both Deadmau5 the DJ and then an actual dead mouse. The winner of the night was the Batman team with Meier Parr as the “tummy touching” villain and Asgeir Olafsson as the Dark Knight himself.

Following skits, it was time for campfire songs with the traditional “Country Roads” and a whole- camp sing-along of “Wagon Wheel.” The night ended with more songs and everyone’s favorite, s’mores.

Even though we have not been at camp for very long, campers are already doing things they have never done before and starting their session off on the right foot. Sam Jewell won the first home-run derby of the session. Crawford Hemmis perfected three magic tricks. Meier Parr won a game of Frisbee golf and Cabin 1, Rachel McNeal, Hailey Mostow, and Mikayla Pettit all mountain boarded for the first time in their lives.

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