Big Climbing Day

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hi guys! We had another activity-filled day yesterday! A huge number of campers made it to the top of the climbing wall! I heard the hike yesterday was especially fun as well.


Every day after breakfast, we are given time to clean up our cabins. While we are at our first activity, someone comes around to check our cabins. Once a week, the two cleanest cabins (one from girls’ side and one from boys’ side) are taken out for ice cream after lunch. Yesterday, it was announced that Cabin 4 and Girls’ Tents were the winners! They were taken to Pack’s Ice Cream as a reward.


During Free Swim, we had yet another round of flag football! The Yellow and Red teams played one another. The Yellow team once again came out on top, making them the only undefeated team!


We took the campers bowling last night! On the bus ride there, we played games like “Boom Chicka Boom”. They all had such a good time at the bowling alley. At first, the oldest and youngest girls were half bowling/half watching the USA Women’s soccer game! When they made it into the Finals, there was a “USA…USA…USA…” chant that lasted a while. The kids were especially pumped about the snack bar and the allowance they were each given for snacks. Some of the sugar rushes were unreal. But no worries, because on the bus ride home the counselors and older campers sang a ton of songs while the young ones zonked out.