Baseball, Royalty and Ghosts.

The last two days at camp have been some very big ones. We’ve traveled out of camp, became royalty and danced the night away. Then we got a big surprise…. But more on that later.

On Friday night, CTT rode into town to catch a little minor league baseball action and some pre-Independence Day fireworks. The day began at camp under cloudy skies and it even began to rain a little on the way to the ballpark, but luckily for us the weather cleared up and we were able to enjoy an awesome night of baseball, pyrotechnics and friends.

We arrived in the fourth inning with the Royals in the lead. Unfortunately for the home team, we must have brought some bad luck with us because the Rockbridge Rapids chipped away at the deficit, then smacked a grand slam in the seventh inning to take the lead. The Royals lost the game, but the camp had a great time regardless.

The kids munched on hotdogs, peanuts and other goodies as they cheered on the team. I wasn’t around the older kids, but my boys in the BV found front row seats right behind first base. We had to dodge a few foul balls but the kids loved it. They were autograph seeking at every opportunity and watched in awe at the speed of the game.

After the final out, we all filed into the bullpen for the fireworks. The show lasted around 25 minutes and it seemed that they were right on top of us. Max Penn pretended to shoot every single firework for the entire show. He thought it was hilarious, but counselor Chris Brown called it annoying.

Saturday was Royalty Day. We began the day with the traditional service, then we saw counselors Aram and Susan ride around the gym on horseback! They stopped in front of the group and read off the teams, and then we all split up and began planning.

We came up with team names, colors and even a fairy tale, which was performed that night. After rest hour, the games began.

At one station we played siege ball, which is a dodge ball-type game where you have to protect your castle. Then there was a bit of an obstacle course at the lake. Three campers had to eat apples dangling on strings without touching them. Then there was a riddle and a canoe race at the lake. The last station was mask-making, which were to be worn at the ball/dance party that night.

One of these races came down to the wire and ended rather controversially. One team, In the Land of Tiana, was incredibly behind when the senior campers jumped into the canoe. Due to some extremely fast paddling by Kelly, they were able to catch up to the Royal Weiners vessel, which was piloted by Lindsay Heiman and Alex Fang.

Fang decided to jump out of the Weiners canoe to hand-off a sheep, which was part of the race. He couldn’t get back in, so he ran along the shore beside the boat while Lindsay and Kelly were neck and neck. As the two boats neared the finish line, it became apparent Tiana was going to win. Then Fang jumped in the water and shoved Tiana’s canoe! Race director Krista gave the race to Tiana, and there was alot of arguing between the judges and the Weiners. In the end, the win stayed with Tiana.

After the day’s competition, campers danced and sang together at the royal ball, but that wasn’t the end of the night…

Partway through Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face,’ the doors flew open and CITs clad in ghostly white sheets flew in. They roared and shrieked and herded everyone up the hill. The veteran campers knew it was time for Ghost Court!

Many campers were tried and found guilty by Judge Mookie and the ghost court. There were a lot of interesting judgements handed out. Some of the best were-

Girl’s tents- For using too much electricity, they are wearing signs that say ‘Go Green or Go Home.’

BV- For being just too cute, they must growl when they are approached by a camper or counselor.

Jennifer Heiman- For being messy in the bunk, she has to dress like a pig and oink when she speaks.

Boy’s tents- For never listening to announcements, they must sit attentively on the floor in front of the speaker of each announcement.

And some campers who love to be in the cabin will marry said cabin this afternoon.

It should be an interesting sight to see. I, for one, have never witnessed a cabin-human ceremony. There were lots of other interesting punishments given out, so ask your child if he or she received one. Who knows- you may now have a genuine CTT cabin in your family.

Well, that sums the last two days as best I can without writing a novel for you folks. I can’t believe we only have a week left in this session! But it will be a big one, with King’s Dominion in two days and color war looming on the horizon…