Baseball Game!

We had a perfect night at the Winchester Royals game. It was a beautiful breezy evening, and the sun set behind the field, and the Royals actually won, although we only stayed until the 7th inning. Some counselors and campers brought signs to hold up for player #19, who is the best hitter and the best looking, and the kids did lots of songs from the bleachers. Some players came out and signed people’s Tall Timbers shirts, baseballs, etc. It all felt really old fashioned. Whenever we go out, I am really proud of our campers – they always have a good time but they’re also really well behaved. They did the wave and cheered a lot.

This morning we took Mayson and Riley down to the creek to wade in the water and skip stones.The creek runs through the valley behind camp, through a small waterfall we sometimes hike to with the campers, and on down to a beautiful river. We ran into the fishing class down by the water where, according to lunch announcements, Erin Uhlfelder caught a pine cone. We were back up at the baseball field to see part of the home run derby, which will resume on Sunday. So far, I think Jakeable is in the lead.

Tonight is Dance Through the Decades! The campers will spend rest hour, free swim, and their time after dinner picking their songs and getting dance routines together (each cabin has been assigned a decade between the 1950’s and 2000). Can’t wait to see what they come up with! It’s always one of the most fun skit nights to watch. It’s so cool to be somewhere where you see a show almost every night.

I walked past Leadership 1 group this morning while they were talking about how important it is to be a good example to the younger campers. I think they really are. It’s fun to see how the campers of different ages interact, giving each other hugs, the older kids looking out for the younger ones.  At night skits, the younger kids often lounge on the older kids, like family.

I don’t have that many announcements today: Bradley Griffith caught a fish and named it after his counselor, Adam. Ryan Hertlein will no longer be known as Mike Hertlein’s brother after running to the church (which is a really long way) and back this morning. Leadership 2 is building a picnic table and they are almost done!

More tomorrow…