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Happy Monday!!

Monday, June 29th 2015   Yesterday, the Wet-Your-Feet-Week campers arrived! Their fellow cabin mates were eagerly anticipating their arrival. The new campers settled in, were given schedules, and joined in for the rest of the day’s activities.   During Team Building (called Team Domination), they did an egg drop. The teams were each given duct […]

Happy Friday!!

Friday, June 26th 2015   Hi there! Yesterday we left camp to head off on our first field trips of the session!   The older campers (13 and up) went white water rafting. They all had a blast. They rafted down two different rivers, and they saw the world’s oldest billboard! They ended their night […]

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hi guys! Yesterday the kids had another day full of activities. Two boys from the youngest cabin made it all the way to the top of the climbing wall! In dance class, six girl campers learned seven sets of eight-counts of a jazz/hip-hop routine, while counselor Billy tried his best to keep up.  In arts […]

Start of the Summer!!

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015   Hi guys! Yesterday, the campers had their first day of activities! We started out the day with Girl Power Hour and Boy’s League. The girls played a variety of games, including Little Sally Walker and dodgeball. The boys played a giant game of kickball. It was nice to see the […]

Senior Campfire

You know what’s great? Let me tell you something that’s great. It’s great when you have to adjust your plans, and everything works out perfectly anyway. Here’s what happened. Last night was supposed to be a Senior Campfire: the younger kids went bowling, and everybody else had the camp to ourselves. I was in charge […]


You guys, I cannot even believe how quickly this session has gone. One minute the bus was pulling into camp, spilling bright-eyed campers into the sunlight, and now all of a sudden we have our plaques already. I love plaques, even though plaques kind of signal the coming end of the session. Do you know […]

Find The Foxes

The bell rang, as usual, at 7:30pm. A crowd gathered at the pavilion, and I was brimming with enthusiasm. It was Find the Foxes night, which meant the whole camp would be spending the next hour in a mad dash around camp. The foxes were little pieces of paper slipped in the most secret spots, and […]

Things We Learn

It’s mid-third session, and I for one am engaging in a little of the good old-fashioned self-reflection camp is known for. I mean, camp is better known for summer fun and games and ridiculousness, but I feel like another important part of the summer camp experience is the way it allows us to take time […]


I teach a lot of Challenge Course. Like, a lot. Every day I try to get groups of kids to communicate, work together and solve problems in new ways. It’s so interesting to me the different ways kids come up with for the same challenges, so today I’m going to relay a few of them […]

Cacapon Trip

Last night I was initiated into a top-secret camp society. Obviously, to tell you about it would be to betray the very confidence that was just extended to me, and I’m not even sure if mentioning it like this is really okay. But it was so cool I have to let you, dear reader, know […]