Atlantic City

Only at Camp Tall Timbers can a green aluminum building be a gym by morning and Atlantic City by night.

Last night Camp Tall Timbers had its very own Atlantic City night with a casino, jail, wedding chapel, high rollers club, and beach. Each camper received a credit card with $1000 and was able to play in a variety of games such as blackjack, CTT craps, Texas hold ‘em, Roulette wheel, arm wrestling, and the traditional ‘guess which cup the ball is in’ game. In addition to the games, the campers could also pay to get married, receive a massage, or go to the bar for juice, soda, or, if they had $1500 or more to be in the high rollers club, a ‘margarita’. The night led to a fun time on the “boardwalk” for all of Camp Tall Timbers.

Yesterday also featured the accomplishments of some of our Wet Your Feet Week campers. All of Cabin 1 hit the target in archery which is particularly special considering it was their first time at the archery range. Rachel Heinemann (with assistance from Jake Abel) won a game of Frisbee golf and served overhand in volleyball for the first time. Katherine Kearns and Tasha Pressler learned their first guitar chords.

While the Wet Your Feet Week campers have been thriving, our veteran campers have been successful as well. Ethan Polk-Trauman caught a fish. Vance Pallone won the choomster (biggest potato chip) contest for Boy’s side. Grant Leibow made a basket from the free throw line on the other side of the court! In Boys’ Leagues, Easy-E’s Barbie Princesses defeated Albert’s Glitter-Consuming Unicorn Warriors in hockey thanks to double hat tricks from Jack “Vito” Parr and Kyle Solomon and Sean’s Team Domination defeated Sam’s Better Team Team twice.

Today, the CTTFFL continues and Camp Tall Timbers heads to the Winchester Skating and Family Fun Center for a few hours of skating, arcade games, and socializing. If you want more updates on CTT life, be sure to like the Camp Tall Timbers Facebook page and watch GMTT.